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Boat US announces top 10 boat names for 2017

BoatUS 2017 Top 10 List of Boat Names and Their Meanings

If it's spring, it must be time for the top ten boat name list from BoatUS... We received this press release moments ago: 

The nation’s largest recreational boating advocacy, services and safety group, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), issued its 2017 Top Ten Boat Names list today, a tradition dating back a quarter decade. The names come from tallying up requests for boat names to the BoatUS Graphics service, and each reveal much about the personality of the vessel’s owner.
The BoatUS 2017 Top 10 Boat Names:
  1. Serenity: The utter calm and quietude boating brings
  2. Seas the Day: A nautical wordplay on the Latin saying “Carpe diem,” taking boating to its fullest
  3. Andiamo: “Let’s go!” in Italian and a perennial favorite boat name
  4. Irish Wake: Mourning and merrymaking after the death of a family member or friend
  5. Freedom: Patriotic name that first appeared on the Top 10 Names List in 2004
  6. Adagio: Italian for “at a slow tempo.” Represents how boating reduces stress in our hectic lives
  7. Ohana: From the Hawaiian culture, meaning “family” in an extended sense
  8. Oasis: A fertile spot in a desert where water is found; symbolizes boating’s ability to refresh and nourish our daily lives
  9. Happy Ours: A playful take on the good feeling you get at the afternoon communal cocktail time
  10. Firefly: Making the list for the first time, it’s thought that the kids picked this one

For more from BoatUS, go to
About Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS):
Celebrating over 50 years, BoatUS is the nation’s largest organization of recreational boaters with more than a half-million members. We are the boat owners’ voice on Capitol Hill and fight for their rights. We help ensure a roadside trailer breakdown doesn’t end a boating or fishing trip before it begins. When boats break down on the water, TowBoatUS brings them safely back to the launch ramp or dock, 24/7. The BoatUS Marine Insurance Program gives boat owners affordable, specialized coverage and superior service they need. We help keep boaters safe and our waters clean with assistance from the nonprofit BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water. Visit

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