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Top Ten Boat Names - April 2016 Edition

Looking for some boat name ideas? Our new monthly feature where we search our boat name order database is back, and this time we're taking a look at boat names from March of 2016.

A lot of great boat names came through our system last month, making it hard to pick only ten. And just like our inaugural edition, all of these boat names were actually put on personalized products that were purchased online from Boat Name Gear throughout the past month.

Here are our top ten boat names from last month, including our commentary in parentheses...

Top Ten Boat Names of March 2016

  1. Epic Day  (We hope you have one, too!)
  2. On The Rocks  (Not where you want your boat to be.)
  3. Nauti Buoys  (no comment)
  4. Let It Ride  (Was this boat the result of a good run at the casino?)
  5. Saving Grace (This was one of several boat names with "Grace" this month.) 
  6. Rising Tide (Sounds more like an action movie than a boat.)
  7. Reel Grandpa (Gramps likes to fish.)  
  8. Espérance (one of the two French words that translate to HOPE)
  9. Just Add Water (Reminds me of flowers. And pancakes. Still, a clever boat name.) 
  10. Daily Grind  (You don't have to work at a coffee shop to enjoy this hot boat name.)

Want to see your boat name on the list? All you have to do is purchase some embroidered apparel or other personalized items at our online store, If we like your boat name, there's a chance it might make it on next month's top 10 boat names list.  For example, at least two of the top 10 from last month were purchased on personalized fleece blankets (shown above).

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