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Top 10 Boat Names For February 2016

Ready for something new? Hopefully this will be the first edition of a regular monthly feature. Or, we might just do it this one time and then fuggedaboutit. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Here's what we're doing. To help give you some ideas for boat names, we've scoured our database of orders from the month of February, 2016, and we have chosen what we consider to be the best ones. They may not all be the most popular or the most unique boat names, but they were our favorites. All of these boat names were actually put on personalized products that were purchased online from Boat Name Gear just last month.

Here are our top ten boat names from last month, including our comments, if we had anything to say, in parentheses...

Top Ten Boat Names of February 2016

  1. L'Attitude
  2. Viaggio  (Googled it. Italian for trip or travel)
  3. Afternoon Delight  
  4. Dad's Dream
  5. Oasis  (Probably not Puff Daddy's yacht, but you never know.) 
  6. Irish Wake (It's always St. Paddy's day on this boat.)
  7. Amity  ("Friendship", or the town from JAWS?)  
  8. Lock & Load  
  9. Black Sheep (I miss Chris Farley.) 
  10. Defense Rests  (Probably a boat owned by a lawyer, but we like the name anyway.)

If you'd like to try to get your boat name on the list, it's easy. All you have to do is purchase some embroidered apparel or other personalized items at our online store, If we like your boat name, it might just make it on next month's top 10 boat names list. 

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