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Boat Name Contest Takes a Tern

A recent article from Australia's Sunshine Coast Daily caught our attention with the headline, Boat's name a tribute to surroundings.

You guessed it... the article is about a boat name, 'cuz that's what we do here. Even as we haven't done that here in a while. Perhaps now is a good time to 'tern' over a new leaf. Pun intended.

Tern Boat Names
Photo source: Nicholas Atamas via Wikipedia
This particular story is about a charter cruise company that had an unnamed boat for more than a dozen years. They finally decided to name the boat by way of a contest, and with more than 150 entries, the name they came up with was "Tern o' the Tide".

They apparently have a lot of terns in their local waters, so the name makes a lot of sense.

Here's a link to the full article:

If we were embroidering this boat name on a shirt over at Boat Name Gear, we'd probably recommend that the client arched the text since it is so long, and the capitalization doesn't lend itself well to breaking it up over two lines:
Tern o'
the Tide

We'd send them a congratulatory embroidered boat name hat, but unfortunately shipping to Australia from here in New England is prohibitively expensive.

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