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Boat Names and Ladies

Scuttlebutt raises the question in a brief article today about whether you should name a boat after a woman as an alternative to getting that same woman's name tattooed on your body.

Tattoo Boat Name
Well, yes, boat names are less permanent than tattoos. But there are many other reasons for a male boat owner to not name a boat after a girlfriend besides the potential longevity of your relationship.

While not permanent, boat names have their own unique characteristics that aren't relevant to tattoos.

For instance, with a tattoo, you don't have to yell her name to strangers over the radio.  "This is the 'Jane', this is the 'Jane'. Over." Over.

And when you back up to a transient slip, everyone there will know you by your boat's name instead of your actual first name. So if your name is "Steve" and your boat's name is "Lady Kathryn", your temporary neighbors will be way more likely to refer to you as Lady Kathryn than as Steve. That's just what happens.

Lastly, why put that much pressure on your relationship? Guys, think about it... would you want your girlfriend naming your boat after you if they were the one who owned the boat? Every time you headed to the boat, it would be like "I'll meet you at The Steve", or "Let's go out on Steve today", or "we've got to fill up The Steve". It's just dumb.

Of course, if you're already married, why not go all out and put your wife's name on both your boat and your body?

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