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Did Name Changes Doom Wolf of Wall Street Megayacht?

Probably not, but that's the first ting that jumped out at us...

We just read a gripping article about the sinking of the megayacht Nadine, which was depicted in the movie, "The Wolf of Wall Street", and couldn't help but wonder if the yacht's multiple name changes didn't have something to do with her ultimate demise. It's in our nature to wonder such things. After all, we are the boat name blog.
Nadine and other true stories at sea.

In fact, the article on Yachts International (taken from the 14-year-old book, “Megayacht: True Stories of Adventure, Drama and Tragedy at Sea”) states that the vessel had undergone at least four name changes since her initial stint as "Matilda" in 1961.

Other names included "Coco Chanel", "Jan Pamela" and "Big Eagle".  The full article is available at Yachts International, as well as in the book, “Megayacht: True Stories of Adventure, Drama and Tragedy at Sea”, which is out of print but available on Kindle at for a few bucks per download.

We always encourage folks to change a boat's name when taking ownership, but perhaps five different names over a boat's lifetime is too many for the gods of the sea to bear.    

The latest list. BoatUS and the top 10 boat names of 2014

The Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has released their annual list of top ten boat names, and as the official blog of all things related to boat names, it's our job to share this year's list with you.

Personalized bamboo cutting board from Boat Name Gear

So, as promised, here is the 2014 BoatUS list of top ten boat names are...
  1. Serenity
  2. Second Wind
  3. Island Girl 
  4. Freedom 
  5. Pura-Vida 
  6. Andiamo 
  7. Island Time 
  8. Irish Wake 
  9. Happy Hours 
  10. Seas the Day
Maybe you've seen these boat names before. Heck, if they are popular enough to make the top 10 list, you've probably got one or more of these boat names in your marina. Maybe your boat name is even on the list.

Some folks use lists like these to come up with boat name ideas, while others peruse them to decide what NOT to name their boat, as they would prefer to choose something more unique. 

Let us know if your boat name is on this list, or if you've seen any of them around on the water.

List is courtesy of

Not a Nauti Dog Anymore

Got this message a couple of weeks ago from a woman who needs help naming her new boat...

This boat is not a nauti dog
I am retired from civil service, my husband is still working civil service however, is retired navy.  We live on Bennett's Creek in Suffolk, Virginia where we plan to retire. We LOVE our dogs and cat.  The new boat is ice blue.  Our previous boat was named nauti dog.  We prefer something along Ones of animals, dogs, our river, retirement or the amount of money invested in boat.... Love humor! We are soul mates, very happily married!

Got any ideas? Please comment with your boat name suggestions for this happy couple!


Software Boat Names

A hard-working executive from a small but fast growing technology company recently contacted the boat name blog looking for help naming his new boat.

While not his first boat, this would be the man's "first boat big enough to bother naming". The boat is a 275 Dorado, a family-friendly coastal fishing vessel, and will be kept in Rhode Island.

A Scout Dorado 275 on the water. Photo courtesy of

The new boat owner asked that we come up with a boat name related to computer software.

First, we looked at the yacht names of some famous technology tycoons to see if we could come up with anything, but most of them had nothing to do with software.

For example, Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle Software (and owner of the America's Cup championship team), owns a very large yacht named Musashi, named after a samurai. Paul Allen, of Microsoft, owns a yacht named "Octopus". Steve Jobs had a boat being built before he passed away, and the yacht's name was "Venus". Even one of the Google co-founders, Larry Page, recently purchased a yacht and named her "Senses".  You see, none of the yacht owning software moguls had boat names that hinted at their profession, so this was going to be a challenge.

We knew that our particular software mogul is hard working, and almost always available via email, and that he valued the time he got to spend fishing in the summer; we also know his company's business software has to do with scheduling computer tasks in a timely manner and sending "alerts" to computer operators and executives when things go wrong. With this, we came up with a few choices for our friend, including:

On Alert  (A pure reference to the software)
Island Time  (Island, as in "Rhode Island")
Outta Time  (A nod to the software, as well as to the license plate from Back to the Future)
Reel Time   (It's fishing time.)
Knot Online  (When do you have time to boat? When you're 'knot' online)
Enterprise (References both enterprise software and Star Trek, obviously)

We're not going to tell you which one he chose, but it was one from the above list. We will tell you that the lettering is not yet on the boat, so feel free to add your suggestion or vote in the comments below...

*Photo courtesy of



Boat Names and Ladies

Scuttlebutt raises the question in a brief article today about whether you should name a boat after a woman as an alternative to getting that same woman's name tattooed on your body.

Tattoo Boat Name
Well, yes, boat names are less permanent than tattoos. But there are many other reasons for a male boat owner to not name a boat after a girlfriend besides the potential longevity of your relationship.

While not permanent, boat names have their own unique characteristics that aren't relevant to tattoos.

For instance, with a tattoo, you don't have to yell her name to strangers over the radio.  "This is the 'Jane', this is the 'Jane'. Over." Over.

And when you back up to a transient slip, everyone there will know you by your boat's name instead of your actual first name. So if your name is "Steve" and your boat's name is "Lady Kathryn", your temporary neighbors will be way more likely to refer to you as Lady Kathryn than as Steve. That's just what happens.

Lastly, why put that much pressure on your relationship? Guys, think about it... would you want your girlfriend naming your boat after you if they were the one who owned the boat? Every time you headed to the boat, it would be like "I'll meet you at The Steve", or "Let's go out on Steve today", or "we've got to fill up The Steve". It's just dumb.

Of course, if you're already married, why not go all out and put your wife's name on both your boat and your body?

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