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Monterey 242 No Name

We just got a 2nd request for a boat name along with a picture of their boat because they no longer want to be called “Monterey 242 No Name” when they pull into a port. Please post your ideas below! 
Monterey 242 boat names
Can you please help us name this Monterey 242?

Help this couple name their boat!
Me and my fiance are getting married in September of 2013.

We are in our mid forties and do not have children. 

We have a border terrier dog, Betty.

Dan works in scrap metals and battery recycling, and also is a pilot of a Cessna 172 plane. 

I work for the Canadian federal government.

Our boat is a power boat.

We like to socialize with other boaters.

The color of our boat is a white hull and we have the green awning up all the time.  One boat name suggestion was “The Green House” but we’re not too keen on that.  Another name we had come up with together was “New Funtiers” and that would be the name we would use this year if we don’t find a better name. 


Anonymous said...

how about GREENSIDE UP

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Related to flying: Wing Nuts, Winging It, Wedding Wing

Related to recycling job and canvas color: The Goblin, Goin' Green

The dog: Bobbing Betty, Betty's Boat

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