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Boat Name Bars

This brief boat name request came in yesterday from a woman who also mentioned the boat is a sailboat. Any boat name ideas for her?

Here's her message:
boat name to do with engineering, construction.

one word name preferred, but two is OK.

last name has bar in it

Boat Names for the Cake Boss

Please take a read of this message received last week and suggest your boat name ideas to this couple of empty nesters:

Well we are a couple of empty nesters now looking for adventure. Both my wife and I are engineers for a cable co. and my wife on the side makes wedding cakes, { for fun she claims } 

We have raised our three children put them through college and have sent them on their way, We have traveled through their whole childhood and now we are looking for a change, for the moment we are sailing this 25' morgan taking it from the outerbanks of NC to Appalachacola FL. but our plan is to buy another larger blue water boat and live aboard .... 

YEP ! Adventure .. this boat came with a name but the prev. owner asked for the name back we were happy to give it back her name was dream boat anne.. now we are without a name ... 

We love to fish out at the coast , the game is whatever the catch my wife , the most awesome cook ever { she missed her calling } has to cook a meal with the catch .. so far MMMMmmmm . We also love history and a treasure hunt, the older the place the more forgotten the area the more we love it and the challenges ... 

Please help she needs a name...

3 Amigos Boat Names

This message was short and sweet - the powerboat was purchased for the kids, so let's name the boat after them: Here's the original boat name request we received:
Ryley Jessica Brayden the boat was bought for these three kids

Monterey 242 No Name

We just got a 2nd request for a boat name along with a picture of their boat because they no longer want to be called “Monterey 242 No Name” when they pull into a port. Please post your ideas below! 
Monterey 242 boat names
Can you please help us name this Monterey 242?

Help this couple name their boat!
Me and my fiance are getting married in September of 2013.

We are in our mid forties and do not have children. 

We have a border terrier dog, Betty.

Dan works in scrap metals and battery recycling, and also is a pilot of a Cessna 172 plane. 

I work for the Canadian federal government.

Our boat is a power boat.

We like to socialize with other boaters.

The color of our boat is a white hull and we have the green awning up all the time.  One boat name suggestion was “The Green House” but we’re not too keen on that.  Another name we had come up with together was “New Funtiers” and that would be the name we would use this year if we don’t find a better name. 

On the Water, Off the Grid

Wow, I'm not sure what to suggest for boat names for this family, but what a cool story. Here's their message:

My fiance Len is a marine surveyor, it has been a life long dream for both of us to live on the water. Len is 65 and I am 60, we just bought an accommodation barge and have water rights for the next 99 years...we will be living off the grid.

We just exchanged Len's sailboat for a tugboat so that we will be able to move the barge to go on holidays. Len is also a sea captain.

The tug is being painted "apple lime cocktail" on the wheelhouse, is black on the hull and white above the green around the windows with a black stack. Len likes to play the guitar and sing country songs... he proposed to me with a George Strait song... "I Cross My Heart"

Three of us will be living on the barge... my 16 year old daughter, Morgan, will be kayaking to shore which will take about 10 minutes and then taking a bus to school.

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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