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Santa Claus Parade Boat Names

We received this message a while back but have been waiting until closer to the holidays to post it thinking you'd be able to conjure up more ideas as Christmas gets closer. Maybe we should have given you more time, but the pressure is on now... the boat parade is less than a month away.

Here's the message and a photo from the boat owner - add your boat name ideas as comments below, please!
My husband and I would like to add a float to our local Santa Claus parade and this year, we are cutting the bottom out of the boat that we got from the dump and putting it on top of our ATV so that you can't see the ATV. I will be pulling a trailer that will carry two of my friends dressed up as elves and they will be water skiing. I would like the boat name to say something like....."December 26th" or "The Off Season". I need the name to be Christmas related and kid friendly. Thanks!!!!


Editor said...

Here are a few ideas...

Christmas Island

Santa's Getaway

Mrs. Claus (because some people name their boat after the wife)

Jingle Boat (with a musical note next to the name.)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gone Presenting ( fishing)

Parry Claus

Jamie said...

after reading your notes

" I'd rather be presenting"

Seems like a better name

Trisha said...

Sleigh Ride, Santa's Toy

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