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A Tall Order for a Boat Name

We received this message earlier in the week, and we weren't sure what impressed us the most - the couple's collective twelve+ feet of height or the fact that they have their own theme song. But then they sent photos of the boat, and that trumped everything. She's a beauty. Here's their boat pics; their email follows in larger print...

Name this boat - exterior view

Name this boat - interior view

The most striking thing that people say about my wife and I is that we both are very tall. I am 6'5" and she is 5'11" (without her heels then she's almost my height). I am an IT consultant that travels 3 days a week. I have another boat that is named "Childs Play Too".

Hobbies are tennis, cooking, entertaining, travelling, fishing and going to the beach.

Our theme song goes...

"toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand - Life is good today"

Let's go, boat namers... give this your best shot, and don't say "Childs Play Three"... This month's contest is still going on.


Anonymous said...

Life is Good

Gulliver's Travels

Childs Play Tree

Anonymous said...

The Woundering Woodsman

Restoring Dreams

bren2bren said...

Pole Dancer

Unknown said...

Byte of the Good Life

Virtual Reality

Cache of the Day

DAVE said...


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