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Boat Name for a Rinker

Got this message, need some boat name ideas.

At first you don't think this new boat owner gives you much to work with, but then you read between the lines. They identify themselves as 'busy'. Probably a couple with two full-time jobs, and the young kids are at that age where evenings and weekends start to get sucked up by soccer practices, cub scouts, dance lessons and other activities requiring a mini van. You know these folks, because they are you. Now help name their boat.

Here's their original unedited boat name request:
family of 4, 2 kids, 7 yr boy, 3 year girl. LOVE the lake! we have a 02 27 ft rinker. weekends at the lake are our down time from busy life and work.
Oh, and by the way, they sent us another note with a pic and said they would also like the word "Young" worked into the boat name. That helps! And here is a picture of their boat...

Name this Rinker boat


Ean said...

Forever Young,
Youngster, (or Young Star),
Young Again
Young at Heart

Anonymous said...

The Weekends Young

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