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Let's Butcher Some Boat Names

This family of foodies has a good sense of humor, so bring on the funny, food-filled boat names. We got this email a few weeks ago, along with this stock photo of their new boat (which looks like it's courtesy of the manufacturer's website.) Here's their picture and message: 
Mark owns a meat shop (sells meat)
Lara sells food to restaurants
Family likes NASCAR
Boat is red 
Open to humor
Something catchy having to do with food? Weeny? We're open to any ideas!


BoatNameBlog said...

A few boat names come to mind...

The Chummer
Got Beef?
Red Meat

suicide_blond said...

big tipper
rare retreat
hot dog
on the house
comp it!
Rara Carnis
chow hound


paddle boat said...

Here's my list...

Lean Lark 500 (Lark is a combination of Mark and Lara)
Hot Sauce
Red Whale

More next drop...

Camper Trailer said...

Name suggestions:

Meat Ball
Red Tide
Porkchop 500
Mustard 500

This list makes me hungry.LOL :)

Anonymous said...

protein pitstop

Unknown said...

Red Snappa
Catch Up
Prime Time
Chuck it All

more MEAT everywhere! (just has a ring to it, I don't know why)

Angie Ditty said...

Meat Man & Company

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