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Winning Boat Names

This message just came in on Monday, and I love this boat. Can you help name it?

4 people in the family and bought a 1979 Gibson houseboat. Last name is Winn. We want to play off of our last name. Thought of integrating our last name "Winn" in with some other letters, words or phrases (maybe with "in" or "win") to make the boat name. We thought of "The Winncredibles" and "Winnsanity" but want your ideas.
BoatNameBlog response:

How about jumping on the Charlie Sheen hype with a name like "WINNING", or something like "Big Winn" (or the more modern version of the phrase, "Epic Winn").

BTW, we grabbed this photo from a similar 79 Gibson in California that is for sale on YachtWorld.

Vero Beach Boat Names

Received this message from Florida yesterday and could use your input on boat names for this active couple's first boat. Here's there message; the photo is a factory picture of the same model of Starcraft boat that they own:

Photo courtesy
We are retired and live in Vero Beach, FL. Husband is a psychologist/professor. Wife was a choral director/high school. We are interested in art, travel, music , Penn State Football. He is a golfer. This is our first boat.

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