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Name This Catalina 27

Can you name this boat?

We received this message last week. We've got a picture of the boat, we've got first names, careers, and favorite drink. Can you help name this Catalina 27?

Here's the email we received, as always, unedited and in its entirety:
My name is Jeff and my partner's name is Andrew. I am a lawyer and Andrew is a mortician. We love martini's. 
Please add your boat name suggestions as comments below. Thanks!


Hot Dog Sam Man said...

Martinial Law.
Death, Taxes, and Martinis.
Martini's Law.
Martian Martini Mortician.
Embalmy Seas.
My Good Looking Corpse
Martini Make-up
Dick on a Dog

Anonymous said...

Win some, lose some

Anonymous said...

defend till death

boat shop said...

floating martini

Anonymous said...

Final Notice

Anonymous said...

No Further Questions

Anonymous said...

Dead Ringer
Hung Jury
Well Hung Jury
Vermouth, Vodka, & Victory
Stiff Arm (of the law)

Anonymous said...

A friend has a catamaran with the insane idea of picking up women at the beach but couldn't come up with a name so we went to the hardware store and bought mailbox letters and plastered "Blow Me" on each side, christened it with beer and sent him off. It turned out to be a pretty good name but I think he didn't get the desired results. The boat is gone and renamed so I guess it is up for grabs.

BoatNameBlog said...

we're waiting for the punchline....

Morehelp said...

Legally Dead

Anonymous said...

The Olive

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