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A Name for Matt's Yellow Boat

We recently received this message along with a photo from a new boater. Please add your boat name suggestions below to help Matt name his boat. Our initial thoughts are 'Banana Boat', 'Big Bird' and the "yellow rose", but we're not sure if he's from Texas... 
My name is Matt. I just purchased my first boat, a 2005 Maxum 1800 SR3. I have had jet skis but never a boat. My favorite color is green. Id like to have a name that resembles the yellow on the boat or the boat manufacture (Maxum). I work in a warehouse mostly 10 hour days 5 days a week. I love camping and being on the water. 

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Name This Catalina 27

Can you name this boat?

We received this message last week. We've got a picture of the boat, we've got first names, careers, and favorite drink. Can you help name this Catalina 27?

Here's the email we received, as always, unedited and in its entirety:
My name is Jeff and my partner's name is Andrew. I am a lawyer and Andrew is a mortician. We love martini's. 
Please add your boat name suggestions as comments below. Thanks!

Top 10 Boat Names by BoatUS

The folks at BoatUS announced their annual list of top ten boat names today, and as the official blog of boat names it is our duty to share the list with you...

One of the annual top 10 favorite boat names is Second Wind, shown on this bottle
opener, available with your boat name at Boat Name Gear.
The BoatUS people have been at this for over 20 years according to their press release, and this year's tradition continues with some new entries along with many familiar faces. Did your favorite boat name make the 22nd annual list?  Please read on to check out the top boat names and then add your comment to let us know your thoughts...

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

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How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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