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Very Superstitious

Are you superstitious when it comes to naming your boat? What about when it comes to boating in general? 

One topic we don't like to talk about too much when helping people with boat names is the subject of superstitions. Why? Well, because we're, um, superstitious.

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Lucky for us, somebody else wrote an entire article about superstitions. Actually, the article touches upon more than just boat naming superstitions and discusses superstitions that some boaters have been carrying like baggage on board for generations.

The article, entitled Boating: Sailors' superstitions are still around, appeared in one of our favorite Florida newspapers - the News-Press - and was written by Bill Jefferson of the Cape Coral Power Squadron. It was published a week after Friday the 13th. Just sayin', we're glad they waited a week - who knows what would have happened if this was published seven or eight days sooner.

One of the points Bill makes in the article is that boat names should be "humble" (as opposed to names like "TITANIC"). But perhaps the boat name pictured here is a bit too humble? In our opinion, anybody who chooses a boat name that could have a meaning related to capsizing is just asking for trouble...

Helping People with Boat Names

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