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Charter Fishing Boat Names

We received a boat name request from a Capt. Charlie Weaver a couple of weeks ago. It is brief and full of detail. Now let's help the captain name his boat! Here's the message:
Charter fishing captain.

I'm in the coast guard aux.

purple fav color, the name will be for my 2300 key west blue water center console.
Key West boat names
Similar boat to Capt. Weaver's. Photo courtesy of

Hurricane Boat Names

A Lieutenant Colonel just sent us a boat name request today that we felt we had to post right away.

After all, the boat she needs help naming is a Hurricane, and with Hurricane Sandy on top of everybody's mind, this particular boat name request seemed very appropriate. She even sent us a picture (of the boat, not the storm), so have a look and let's help her name her boat...

Here's her photo and message:

Hurricane boat names

Just bought a 2011 Hurricane 201 1/0. Been looking for a long time. Army Medical Service Corp Officer, ready to retire after 23 yrs, currently a lieutenant colonel. Partner of 11 yrs, she is a mechanic and can fix anything, just beautiful inside and out. We have a 4 yr old son and he loves "sonic". We love the outdoors. We are very patriotic

Santa Claus Parade Boat Names

We received this message a while back but have been waiting until closer to the holidays to post it thinking you'd be able to conjure up more ideas as Christmas gets closer. Maybe we should have given you more time, but the pressure is on now... the boat parade is less than a month away.

Here's the message and a photo from the boat owner - add your boat name ideas as comments below, please!
My husband and I would like to add a float to our local Santa Claus parade and this year, we are cutting the bottom out of the boat that we got from the dump and putting it on top of our ATV so that you can't see the ATV. I will be pulling a trailer that will carry two of my friends dressed up as elves and they will be water skiing. I would like the boat name to say something like....."December 26th" or "The Off Season". I need the name to be Christmas related and kid friendly. Thanks!!!!

Boat Names and Dragonflies

Here's a sailboat name challenge for you. There is a lot of info to work with, plus a beautiful photo from the boat owners. Please read the email we received below and give us your "initial" reaction...

Boat names for catalina sailboat
My husband is a mining engineer and new lover of sailing. I am an HR manager and love to make pottery. I love dragonflies and keep thinking I'd like to incorporate that somehow, but other name suggestions would be great. We have... a family of 4 daughters and 2 boys. We are both from the north and transplants to the south. We plan to retire at the beach when we get older, but now just working to get kids graduated and through college. This is our first boat. My initials are RR and my husbands are PR. The boat is a Catalina 25.

Hammer Time and other Boat Name Ideas

Dawn sent us this "gift" of a boat name request. It's great because it includes a picture, she allowed us to publish her name (which she wants to incorporate into the boat name), and her last name is awesome for use in naming a boat (or a detective agency, or a professional wrestler/hit man, or a baseball slugger...)

Anyway, here's her original message and boat picture:
Name this jet boat

We are a blended family with four kids, we have a Yamaha jet boat. My last name is Hammer and his is Loupee so we would like to incorporate that somehow. We LOVE boating, life, and socializing. Please Help!!

Take 5 Boat Name Memories

We love to get pictures of the actual boat along with our requests for boat name help, and here's one of them - chock full of great info.

On a personal note, the boat in the photo shows her original name - "Take Five" - This was also the name of a similarly sized boats my father bought when I was young. I remember the dark wooden sign with "Take Five" painted on it in gold, sitting in my basement for much of my childhood. Ironically we never re-named the boat.

Here's the photo and message we received...
Rename this Bayliner

We are both in the finance business, have 2 younger kids,
this is our second boat and it was a compromise.
Husband loves to fish, we all like to crab together,
like to gamble, travel, entertain friends, drink wine and martinis, love sports
like football and golf,
plan on many San Juan trips!

Kids and Chemical Boat Names

We received this email a few weeks ago from a gentleman who is clearly passionate about his business and kids. He named his kids well, but is having trouble naming his boat. Let's see if we can help him out. Here's the message:
I sell water treatment chemicals. I have 2 kids, Aiden and Conner. We like to fish for trout and flounder on the pungo river near Belhaven, Nc. I'd like to incorporate selling chemicals or my kids names in it. My boat is a 21' center console sea hunt ultra.

Electric Fish Boat Names

You know you want to help name this boat. We think you will have so many ideas for boat names even though the message we received is so short:
i like to fish for salmon and trout and i own my own electric company so i want the name to include both
Yup, that's it. That's all we've got.

He (we know it's a he from his name which he asked us not to publish) likes to fish. For salmon and trout. And he owns an electric company.

That's it. We don't even know if he's an electrician or if he owns a company that supplies power to a small village via thousands of windmills strategically placed across several windy hilltops.

Just go with it... And don't forget about this month's contest.

A Boat For Joseph

We received this message this week and need you to put your thinking caps on. "Josephine" is just too obvious, so let's come up with some great boat name ideas. Here's the email we got... 
I recently bought a 1962 35' Owens. It was my father's first large boat. His name was Joe/Joseph. I want to name the boat after him, but of course, it needs to have a girls' name. My father restored wooden boats and has now passed away.

So, fellow boat namers, whaddaya got?

A Tall Order for a Boat Name

We received this message earlier in the week, and we weren't sure what impressed us the most - the couple's collective twelve+ feet of height or the fact that they have their own theme song. But then they sent photos of the boat, and that trumped everything. She's a beauty. Here's their boat pics; their email follows in larger print...

Name this boat - exterior view

Name this boat - interior view

The most striking thing that people say about my wife and I is that we both are very tall. I am 6'5" and she is 5'11" (without her heels then she's almost my height). I am an IT consultant that travels 3 days a week. I have another boat that is named "Childs Play Too".

Hobbies are tennis, cooking, entertaining, travelling, fishing and going to the beach.

Our theme song goes...

"toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand - Life is good today"

Let's go, boat namers... give this your best shot, and don't say "Childs Play Three"... This month's contest is still going on.

Boat Name for a Rinker

Got this message, need some boat name ideas.

At first you don't think this new boat owner gives you much to work with, but then you read between the lines. They identify themselves as 'busy'. Probably a couple with two full-time jobs, and the young kids are at that age where evenings and weekends start to get sucked up by soccer practices, cub scouts, dance lessons and other activities requiring a mini van. You know these folks, because they are you. Now help name their boat.

Here's their original unedited boat name request:
family of 4, 2 kids, 7 yr boy, 3 year girl. LOVE the lake! we have a 02 27 ft rinker. weekends at the lake are our down time from busy life and work.
Oh, and by the way, they sent us another note with a pic and said they would also like the word "Young" worked into the boat name. That helps! And here is a picture of their boat...

Name this Rinker boat

Boat Names and Father's Day

It's that time of year again... Father's Day is this coming Sunday, June 17th...

What do you get for the man who has everything and asks for nothing?

You know how witty he thinks his boat name is - he is as proud of the boat's name as he is of the boat. But people only see the boat name when they're on the boat with him. But there is something you can do about that.

Get him a personalized t-shirt or captain polo shirt from Boat Name Gear. With his boat's name and hailing port elegantly embroidered on the left chest, your dad will be wearing a conversation piece and symbol of one of his favorite things - his boat.

Boat Name Father's Day Gifts
At Boat Name Gear, you can also get things like boat name bottle openers, blankets, jackets and life rings - all with the option to personalize them with a boat name or any text. Not sure about the size or color, or want to let Dad pick out his own stuff? No problem - just get him a Gift Certificate to Boat Name Gear where he can choose his own personalized products... and if it's a last minute gift, you can have it delivered instantly via email - to you or to right to him.

The bottom line? Visit Boat Name Gear this Father's Day and take care of Dad with a unique and personalized gift that he'll love.

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Prima Boat Names

We recently received this message and could use your input on boat name ideas for this family and their new Wellcraft:
Wellcraft Boat Name

Facility Manager, I have been boating most of my life (never named a boat), I am married (Karen) with 2 boys (Nick 15, Steve 10), Favorite color is red, thought about "On The Rocks" would love to have graphics go with it.

Sorry no pictures, boat is a Wellcraft-Prima 2600
(Editor's note: We borrowed this picture of a 1991 Wellcraft Prima 2600 from an old online classified ad to help viewers come up with boat name ideas for this family.)

Let's Butcher Some Boat Names

This family of foodies has a good sense of humor, so bring on the funny, food-filled boat names. We got this email a few weeks ago, along with this stock photo of their new boat (which looks like it's courtesy of the manufacturer's website.) Here's their picture and message: 
Mark owns a meat shop (sells meat)
Lara sells food to restaurants
Family likes NASCAR
Boat is red 
Open to humor
Something catchy having to do with food? Weeny? We're open to any ideas!

Pun-ishing Boat Names

When it comes to puns and boat names, some boat names are just, well, punishing...

More Joy Everywhere
Image source:
When other bloggers and boaters write about boat names, it usually gets my attention. So when the live-aboard owners of Happy Happy Joy Joy (joking about the boat name - you'll get it after you read their blog post) wrote about the boat names that they've encountered while in for major repairs in Marathon, Florida, we just had to share.

Read this (more JOY everywhere!: What's in a Name?) and let me know if it helps you with ideas for naming your boat, or if it makes that task harder but inspires you to sell everything and sail around the world...

Winning Boat Names

This message just came in on Monday, and I love this boat. Can you help name it?

4 people in the family and bought a 1979 Gibson houseboat. Last name is Winn. We want to play off of our last name. Thought of integrating our last name "Winn" in with some other letters, words or phrases (maybe with "in" or "win") to make the boat name. We thought of "The Winncredibles" and "Winnsanity" but want your ideas.
BoatNameBlog response:

How about jumping on the Charlie Sheen hype with a name like "WINNING", or something like "Big Winn" (or the more modern version of the phrase, "Epic Winn").

BTW, we grabbed this photo from a similar 79 Gibson in California that is for sale on YachtWorld.

Vero Beach Boat Names

Received this message from Florida yesterday and could use your input on boat names for this active couple's first boat. Here's there message; the photo is a factory picture of the same model of Starcraft boat that they own:

Photo courtesy
We are retired and live in Vero Beach, FL. Husband is a psychologist/professor. Wife was a choral director/high school. We are interested in art, travel, music , Penn State Football. He is a golfer. This is our first boat.

By George It's A Boat Name

We recently received the following message from Marco Island, Florida, and could use some boat name suggestions below ours:
Photo courtesy of the Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce

We are retired teacher (coach) and nurse. We just got a new puppy, Charley. We would like to use our last name (George) in some way. We live on Marco island. Our last boat was named "winner" but that doesn't fit anymore.  

How about...
  • By George 
  • Charley's Ride 
  • Retired Winner? / Trophy Boat  / Runner Up
Submit your boat name suggestions below. Prize provided by

A Name for Matt's Yellow Boat

We recently received this message along with a photo from a new boater. Please add your boat name suggestions below to help Matt name his boat. Our initial thoughts are 'Banana Boat', 'Big Bird' and the "yellow rose", but we're not sure if he's from Texas... 
My name is Matt. I just purchased my first boat, a 2005 Maxum 1800 SR3. I have had jet skis but never a boat. My favorite color is green. Id like to have a name that resembles the yellow on the boat or the boat manufacture (Maxum). I work in a warehouse mostly 10 hour days 5 days a week. I love camping and being on the water. 

(If you already have a boat name, it's time to gear up at BoatNameGear.)

Name This Catalina 27

Can you name this boat?

We received this message last week. We've got a picture of the boat, we've got first names, careers, and favorite drink. Can you help name this Catalina 27?

Here's the email we received, as always, unedited and in its entirety:
My name is Jeff and my partner's name is Andrew. I am a lawyer and Andrew is a mortician. We love martini's. 
Please add your boat name suggestions as comments below. Thanks!

Top 10 Boat Names by BoatUS

The folks at BoatUS announced their annual list of top ten boat names today, and as the official blog of boat names it is our duty to share the list with you...

One of the annual top 10 favorite boat names is Second Wind, shown on this bottle
opener, available with your boat name at Boat Name Gear.
The BoatUS people have been at this for over 20 years according to their press release, and this year's tradition continues with some new entries along with many familiar faces. Did your favorite boat name make the 22nd annual list?  Please read on to check out the top boat names and then add your comment to let us know your thoughts...

Very Superstitious

Are you superstitious when it comes to naming your boat? What about when it comes to boating in general? 

One topic we don't like to talk about too much when helping people with boat names is the subject of superstitions. Why? Well, because we're, um, superstitious.

Photo courtesy of
Lucky for us, somebody else wrote an entire article about superstitions. Actually, the article touches upon more than just boat naming superstitions and discusses superstitions that some boaters have been carrying like baggage on board for generations.

The article, entitled Boating: Sailors' superstitions are still around, appeared in one of our favorite Florida newspapers - the News-Press - and was written by Bill Jefferson of the Cape Coral Power Squadron. It was published a week after Friday the 13th. Just sayin', we're glad they waited a week - who knows what would have happened if this was published seven or eight days sooner.

One of the points Bill makes in the article is that boat names should be "humble" (as opposed to names like "TITANIC"). But perhaps the boat name pictured here is a bit too humble? In our opinion, anybody who chooses a boat name that could have a meaning related to capsizing is just asking for trouble...

Helping People with Boat Names

Need help naming your boat?

We've got a backlog of dozens of requests for help with boat names and hope to get to them over the next couple of weeks. If you've been waiting, we sincerely apologize, as we've been busy launching a new updated version of one of our stores at  Thanks for your patience and support!

Stay tuned...

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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