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Boat Name for a Sugar Mama

Wow, there are so many different directions you can go with this one. Here's the entire original message we recently received, complete with family photo. Love it! Have a read, and suggest your boat names below:
Family of five. Spending time with family is our favorite thing to do. Love being outside and on the water. Love the Green Bay Packers and the Wisconsin Badgers.

Boat is red.

Please help come up with a boat name for this beautiful family of five!

We have a place up north near Tomahawk (city)on the Spirit (lake). We call our place up north "Big Bear."

Husband calls me his Sugar Mama (like Sugar Daddy) because I work full time and he's a stay-at-home-dad. We were thinking about calling our new boat "Sugar Mama" or something with Sugar in the name. The other angle of sugar -- having a boat is SWEET!

Anyway, he wants it to be a name you can actually CALL the boat. Not just something clever printed on the boat. For example, we have an old slow, beat-up, cheap fishing boat we call the Blue Bomber. We actually say, "Let's take the Blue Bomber out fishing." Another example, my brother has an old pick-up truck he calls "Trixie." Love all the clever names (and am not against clever) but it needs to be a name you actually refer to the boat as. We don't want a name printed on the side of the boat but then still just call it "the boat."

Does that make sense?

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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