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Any boat name but Journeyman II

We received this request for help a few weeks ago from a young man trying to help his mom and dad name their new boat. Please have a look and suggest your boat names below:
My parents have had a sailboat since 1984. They have kept it in the marina on Seneca Lake (one of the finger lakes) in Watkins Glen, NY. As my dad was a journeyman electrician, they named the boat "Journeyman", to reflect both his job and his adventure seeking nature. As with all sailboaters, they decided to upgrade to a larger sailboat and they are having trouble naming it. "Journeyman 2" doesn't have the same ring to it.

One of the reasons for the upgrade was to accommodate our growing family. They now have me and my other 2 siblings as well as 2 grandkids. They have both recently retired and they would love nothing more than to have the whole family join them on the lake for the weekends.Any help would be appreciated!


Mike and Poppy said...


shiver me timbr said...

family sparks. or second phase. maybe next phase

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