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Any boat name but Journeyman II

We received this request for help a few weeks ago from a young man trying to help his mom and dad name their new boat. Please have a look and suggest your boat names below:
My parents have had a sailboat since 1984. They have kept it in the marina on Seneca Lake (one of the finger lakes) in Watkins Glen, NY. As my dad was a journeyman electrician, they named the boat "Journeyman", to reflect both his job and his adventure seeking nature. As with all sailboaters, they decided to upgrade to a larger sailboat and they are having trouble naming it. "Journeyman 2" doesn't have the same ring to it.

One of the reasons for the upgrade was to accommodate our growing family. They now have me and my other 2 siblings as well as 2 grandkids. They have both recently retired and they would love nothing more than to have the whole family join them on the lake for the weekends.Any help would be appreciated!

Newlyweds, New Sailors, New Boat Name

We received this message and picture a few weeks ago...Please read below and suggest your boat name ideas for this O'Day:
My husband and I were married last August and we just bought our first boat that's ours (not family's). It's a used boat - 25' O'day sailboat, which we plan on sprucing up.
(continues after photo...)

I am a Realtor and my husband designs platforms for online education. We are both independent contractors. We woke up one morning and decided to learn to sail. Two weeks later, we were in a sailing class, and one week after that, we purchased our first boat which we keep in a slip at a local sailing club. We both love the water, boating, and the outdoors. We like to socialize and have fun. We plan on meeting a lot of other people with sailboats and making new friends. Thanks for your help!

Beantown Boat Names

Let's play the word association game. We received this message recently - let us know if any boat name ideas pop into your head.

All we can think of is "Red Sox Suck", so, admittedly, us Yankee fans are not being very helpful:
sporting family, red sox fan, boat is red, mike little is my name, skiers and wake boarders

Still can't think of a boat name based on those key words? Try this picture we just found on a google search something Red Sox and Boating related...

Red Sox Boat: Bear Pond 4th of July Parade

Need for Speed Boat Names

A few weeks ago we received an anonymous message from a car guy about his boat name. He also mentioned that he likes to fish. Not much else to go on here, but if you have any boat name suggestions, please post them below. Here is his message:
I have been in the automobile business (new car dealership) all my life and i am also a very successful race car driver.

Boat Name for a Sugar Mama

Wow, there are so many different directions you can go with this one. Here's the entire original message we recently received, complete with family photo. Love it! Have a read, and suggest your boat names below:
Family of five. Spending time with family is our favorite thing to do. Love being outside and on the water. Love the Green Bay Packers and the Wisconsin Badgers.

Boat is red.

Please help come up with a boat name for this beautiful family of five!

We have a place up north near Tomahawk (city)on the Spirit (lake). We call our place up north "Big Bear."

Husband calls me his Sugar Mama (like Sugar Daddy) because I work full time and he's a stay-at-home-dad. We were thinking about calling our new boat "Sugar Mama" or something with Sugar in the name. The other angle of sugar -- having a boat is SWEET!

Anyway, he wants it to be a name you can actually CALL the boat. Not just something clever printed on the boat. For example, we have an old slow, beat-up, cheap fishing boat we call the Blue Bomber. We actually say, "Let's take the Blue Bomber out fishing." Another example, my brother has an old pick-up truck he calls "Trixie." Love all the clever names (and am not against clever) but it needs to be a name you actually refer to the boat as. We don't want a name printed on the side of the boat but then still just call it "the boat."

Does that make sense?

Buckeye Boat Names

We received this message a few weeks ago and need help naming the boat. In addition to their message, they said they like to fish, ski and socialize on their powerboat. What do you think? Boat names below, please:
Administrator for ambulatory surgery center located in Indianapolis, boat is on Geist reservoir, proud Ohio State grad, former football and baseball player

5-K Boat Name

We received this brief message a few weeks ago, but it's packed with boat name ideas. Please post your boat name suggestions below:
Husb- maintenance worker, Wife- medical secretary.

3 boys everyone's first name begins with Letter "K".

We like to live life to the fullest, have a harley.

Name the Muddy Boat

We received the following message a few weeks ago; can you help Roger name his boat?
This boat is my retirement gift from myself (no wife hurdle to jump.) It will be specially outfitted for duck hunting and some river fishing in the summer. The motor is specialized for running in shallow, muddy marshes. I would like the name to relate to duck hunting or swamp related.

Boat Names for My 3 Sons

Jamie and Bethany sent us this boat name request recently; please enjoy their story and suggest some boat names below...
We are a family of 5 with 3 sons. We love German Shephards. Jamie is a computer programmer and Bethany works in childcare with children with special needs. We have a fixer-upper boat. We both use computers a lot. We couldn't live without them. We love watching tv/movies. Mostly comedy. Jamie likes black and blues and Bethany likes green earthy colors. Jamie is a quiet laid back kind of guy while Bethany is freespirited and enjoys sharing her opinion with everyone!

COOL Boat Names

We recently received this message and could use some COOL boat name ideas for this gentleman. That's right, we gave you a hint to get started. Please post your cool boat name ideas below:
I have a 22' center console. I do Air Conditioning for a living. I love to offshore fish and dive for lobsters.

Cruiser Boat Names

This was a nice email, with a good descriptive story. Can you think of any boat names for Mark and Karen based on this picture and message:
Can you help name this Sea Ray 300 Weekender?
Mark and I have been married for 2 years. We are 54 and 55 yrs. We had a high performance boat but changed our minds and have gone back to a cruiser. We are madly in love and from Nine Mile Falls WA. We really love our 300 Sea Ray Weekender. Karen has 2 children and 1 granddaughter And Mark has children in Wisconsin and Spokane, WA.
We love to entertain
We love our Harley.

Our Names in the Boat Name

We received this message a few weeks ago. Very simple, can you help them condense their names into a boat name that makes sense?
i would like to try to use our names or letters of our names:

Initial Boat Names

A very simple boat name challenge. A couple sent us a message looking for help naming their pontoon boat. Both of their initials are GES. They like to socialize with other boaters and fish from their boat. Any suggestions for boat names for them?

Freedman of Boat Name Ideas

Received this message recently from a man named Don Freedman, who asked us to include his name in this post, as his wife likes "Freedman Five" for a boat name. What do you think?
Wife is a Physical Therapist, I am an Electrical Engineer, 3 kids - 15, 12, and 12. And a cat. We live on Grand Island, NY between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. We usually boat on the Upper Niagara River.

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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