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Boat Name with Room for Dogs

We received this email from Lauren a few weeks ago, and have not had a chance to suggest any boat names.  Do you have any ideas? Here is here boat's picture and original message:
Can you name this Trojan F26
I married into a family filled with watermen. We have 2 children, 3 dogs, my husband is a police officer and I am a acquisition manager. This boat was purchased solely for my pleasure, as my husband has a speed boat that lacks room for the dogs. We just put in a new motor, and freshened up the interior with new cushions, stained the wood... I enjoy putting around, tying up at the islands all day then bar hopping at night.

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Anonymous said...

DaPound! Kenneled! Puppy Play! Dog toy!

Anonymous said...

Room 4 Dogs (play on Hotel for Dogs)
For Her Pleasure (wasn't that an old cigarrette commercial?)
And The Rest

Kerry B. said...

Full House
Water Dog
Canine Cruiser

We just got a yellow boat & our dog's name is Rose so we are considering Yellow Rose.

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