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Aviation Boat Names

We received this message recently but have not come up with any good boat (or business) names for them. What would you suggest? Please comment below their message:
My boyfriend, myself and our best friend have just purchased a 30 Wellcraft to use for charter fishing in the Gulf. We are all in the Aviation business (Purchasing, Maintenance and Engineering) and cannot think of a name for this boat or the Charter Service we would like to operate. We would like to somehow link the boat name and business name to the three of us and our Aviation careers.  


Boat Guy said...

Here are some that I can up with. Let me know how you like them!

Business Name: Moore Throttle Charter

Boat Names:
Moore Throttle
Water Turbulence
Fish Pit
Fish Landing

Babygrams Birth Announcement said...

Moore Throttle, is a good one, as it has more than one meaning :)

Anonymous said...

Fly Fishing

Anonymous said...

On the Fly

Anonymous said...

"Jus Plane Medicine"

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