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Aviation Boat Names

We received this message recently but have not come up with any good boat (or business) names for them. What would you suggest? Please comment below their message:
My boyfriend, myself and our best friend have just purchased a 30 Wellcraft to use for charter fishing in the Gulf. We are all in the Aviation business (Purchasing, Maintenance and Engineering) and cannot think of a name for this boat or the Charter Service we would like to operate. We would like to somehow link the boat name and business name to the three of us and our Aviation careers.  

Boat Name for a Shrink

His words, not ours. Let's just help this good doctor name his boat based on his original message, which we received a few weeks ago:
I was a shrink for 35 years, so psychology (or mental issues)(lol) are fair game. I'm leaning toward using my wife's name "Joy" in the name instead of the vocation, but I'm open to all suggestions. The boat will only be used for freshwater fishing. TIA.

Boat Names on the Bayou

We've been trying to come up with a boat name for this fixer-upper since we got the following message:
We just got a small outboard motor boat for the first time. We've been married 22 years and it's been our dream to own a little boat to just relax and enjoy spending time on. Certainly nothing fancy. It's in rough shape so we are completely restoring it ourselves, together as a project. We plan on using this boat to fish, but mostly for cruising down the bayous, lakes and swamps of Louisiana. Also, frequently we'll likely have another couple with us for evening cruises featuring appetizers and cocktails. We enjoy spending time with friends and family and what better way to do it!

Mad Crazy Curls Boat Name

Here's a hairy one for ya. We received this message recently and have been scratching our heads over what to suggest for boat names. If you have any ideas, please comment below:
We reciently changed from our sailboat "Mad Crazy Curls" to a trawler/tug and would like to keep the grand kids lighthearted thick and eaisly tangled hair theme.

American-Canadian Boat Names

Check out this message we recently received and see if you can come up with any good boat names:
Help name Bud's old boat...
I am an American, recently married to a Canadian. I bought my Grandfather's house when he needed to go into a nursing facility, and in doing so, I inherited a mirror dinghy sail boat that was hanging in the garage (which he built). I am thinking of naming the boat after him. His name is Warren and goes by Bud.

Boat Name Gear Pics

If you stumbled across our boat name blog from our Boat Name Gear store looking for examples of our finished products, here are a couple of links for you...

The slide show below is from a few items we took pictures of and put up on Picasa, and here is the link to the photos on our FaceBook page. We only take photos of finished products every few weeks, so these are not everything we've done, and there is some overlap between the two photo sites, but here ya go...

One Smoking Boat

Check this one out - What a great incentive to stop smoking! There's not a lot to go on, but I bet you could come up with a few good boat name ideas based on this brief email we received recently:
My husband and I quit smoking a yr ago. And bought a boat with the $ saved from quitting .

Deck Boat Names for a Retired Grandfather

We received this message a few weeks ago and haven't had any good boat name ideas yet; please read the message and let us know what you would suggest:
Both wife and I are retired.

Love to boat ride on river, and stop to beach along sandy area people stop.

Just like sitting in edge of water on chair and watching what's going on.

Bought new 24 ft. deck style boat last year, so grand kids come along when they can.

Colorful Boat Name Ideas

Here's a brief email we recently received with a request for boat name help . Read the message and suggest some boat names below:
I am an aircraft mechanic, married with two children. She works in the medical field. I like yellow colors with black or silver or gray. she likes purple.

Back on the Water... Thirty Years Later

We received this email message recently from a proud dad who has waited a long time to get back on the water. Now it's time for us to help him name his boat. Your boat name suggestions below, please...
30 years ago I gave up my boat to a new born daughter. Now that daughter is married, educated and I am back on the water!! I have dreamed of this moment for 30 years and am thrilled to be able to be back on the water.

Help rename the Me-SHELL

Okay, we received this message a few weeks ago and are finally getting around to posting it here, mostly because we couldn't come up with any good boat names for the renaming of the "Me Shell"  (That's right: Michelle with a picture of a shell). What do you suggest? Here is the message and a pic of the boat with the previous owner's boat name:
Can you help re-name the Me-Shell? Please?
I'm Mexican/Puerto Rican married to an American (who people think is Cuban) named Sean.
My zodiac is Sagittarius, his is Capricorn. We met online 11 years ago. We have 3 kids : Cameron 13, Julian 10, and Isabelle 2.

I'm a domestic manager aka stay @ home mom and he's in sales. Brown is my fav. color and green is his. Our fav./lucky number is 21. We both love music, dallas cowboys, and the miami heat.

Non Kitschy Boat Names

Received this message a few weeks ago and need YOUR help naming the boat, mostly because nobody here knows what kitschy means, and we definitely don't speak arabic or german. Here is the message, which by the way is quite appropriate for the approaching Father's Day weekend. Your boat name ideas below, please.
This is my first boat, bought as a tribute to my father who passed away last February (2010). He taught me to boat in the marshes of SE Georgia and dreamed of owning a Mako or Whaler. I bought a 1966 Chris Craft Commander, all vintage bullet-proof fiberglass with old-school feel. Looking for a name that combines my Southern history, my new life in the pacific NW (Puget Sound) and maybe is a nod to my profession: Real estate. I don't like kitschy names, and I love foreign words (I speak Arabic, a bit of German, some Spanish, French)

Farm-House-Boat Names

We received this message a few weeks ago and haven't yet thought of a name for them. What are your ideas? Here is their story:
We have bought this houseboat with another couple. Both families are farming families. We think we would like something to do with that. We are both grain farmers. They have 2 daughters and we have a son and a daughter. Both couples are in our 30's. We like to have a lot of fun, music, swimming and socializing.
We just purchased it. The Canvas will be yellow and the stipes will be yellow and one black down the middle of the boat.

Italian-American Boat Name Ideas

We received this message a few weeks ago and could use your help with boat names for them:
Our family (wife and 2 kids) bought this boat last year. I love to fish, the wife and kids like to relax and cruise. I am looking for something funny and relates to fishing and relaxing. Also, we are italian-american, and any play on that would be great too.

Boat Name for PaPa

Received this simple message recently with some keywords that may help you come up with some boat name ideas. It's kind of like a poem. Please post your boat name suggestions below:
Retired,grandfather,electrician,center console,electric utility worker,grandkids call PaPa,

Boat Name with Room for Dogs

We received this email from Lauren a few weeks ago, and have not had a chance to suggest any boat names.  Do you have any ideas? Here is here boat's picture and original message:
Can you name this Trojan F26
I married into a family filled with watermen. We have 2 children, 3 dogs, my husband is a police officer and I am a acquisition manager. This boat was purchased solely for my pleasure, as my husband has a speed boat that lacks room for the dogs. We just put in a new motor, and freshened up the interior with new cushions, stained the wood... I enjoy putting around, tying up at the islands all day then bar hopping at night.

Scroll down after the message from our partner to help name this boat!

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