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Boat Name for a Gulf Angler

We received this request for boat name help several weeks ago and haven't thought of any boat names yet for this full-time resort manager, lifelong fisherman, and recent sea charter captain ( Please take a look at the picture of his boat and his message, and suggest boat names below:
Can you name this SeaHunt?

My name is Preston. I am 25 years old and live in Destin, FL. I work as Guest Services manager for Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. My passion is fishing.

I have a wife named Hadley and we have been married for almost 2 years. We have been together since we were both 12 years old.

I attended Auburn University and I am a big Auburn fan. My favorite color is blue. I am the oldest of 4 boys. Country music is my favorite genre of music and I enjoy listening to George Strait, Brad Paisley, and Kenny Chesney.

I do not have any children yet but I have 3 dogs. I want a boat name that is about 1 or 2 words and is clever/catchy. This is my first new boat.

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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