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Boat Name Alternative to Marcia VI

Recieved this message, along with a picture of a boat, a few weeks ago... still no boat name. Please suggest some below via the comments field. Thanks!
Berkshire 220 CL LTD2
We are buying this pontoon boat. Our last boat was named after my wife, "Marcia V". I did the lettering with a Polish flag off of the "V". My wife and I are both 42 years old, we have one twelve year old son and a female golden retriever. I'm a truck driver and she's a receptionist. I'm Polish/German and she's Polish. We're Catholic. Favorite color is red. Family is very important to us all. We are Detroit fans and huge fans of Chrysler corp vehicles ie (Chrysler, Dodge, Ram) Also of Cadillac. We love cruising our inland waterways river system. I was a Great Lakes Merchant Mariner (Mate)for twenty two years.


Anonymous said...

how about 'quattro no sinko'

Anonymous said...

Polka Danc'n! Fried Flounder! Red Herring!

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