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Bequested Boat Name

Normally we have boat name requests, but this one is a boat name bequest. We received this message a while back, and Matt just reminded us he still needs help with his boat name. So we are going to the blog! Here is his photo and message; please post your boat name suggestions below:
Can you help name this EBBTIDE?
Hi my name is Matt. I am 24 years old and have been around boats through my father since I was about 6.

Just recently a very close family friend passed away and he left me his boat; she has never been named so I feel I should name her. She is a 17 foot EBBTIDE Montego 170.

I am a trailer boater and generally run the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg, PA but also love to take trips to Lake Raystown.

The boat is two tone white and blue and is a 3.0L mercruiser sterndrive with an Alpha One outdrive.

I like some of the double meaning names I've seen, i.e. on a jet boat I have seen "going propless" I would prefer a two word name so it fits nicely on the hull, but whatever you can come up with is worth a shot, I've been struggling to name this boat for a while.

My dad's boat is named the Misty C. (our last name starts with a "C").

Thanks very much for your time and thoughts and happy boating!!!


Editor said...

Hi Matt,

I like the name LEGACY for your boat.

Or, perhaps work the name of the family friend that left you the boat... for example, if the person's name was George, name the boat "By George!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up for me - I really like the "Legacy" suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Bow Out Gracefully

Ken Hulme said...

Legacy is nice.

I came up with (Friend's Name) Pride... as in Bernie's Pride, or Fred's Pride.

Anonymous said...

Hand Me Down!

Anonymous said...

To play off Daily Boater, there is always Bye George

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