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Diver Down Boat Names

Becky and Don have a once-sunken boat and they need your help naming her!

Here's their original message:
Ok here's the story...

This boat sunk during a bad storm, Don is a dive instructor and was given the boat if he could raise it, which with a lot of hard work and a month later he did.

We have completely redone the boat and shes almost ready to sail but not without a name.

We are having a hard time with this as Don would like something catchy or cute that has something to do with diving. Any ideas?!?!


Danielle said...

"diver"sion or resurrected "diver"sion or "diver"gent comeback

Anonymous said...

Deeper 2

jayna said...

Going down?

Anonymous said...

"SUNKEN TREASURE" Cause alot of divers dive for treasure, the boat is a treasure.

Anonymous said...

Many divers dive for "SUNKEN TREASURES"

Anonymous said...

Been Babtized!

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