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Boat Name Holiday Gift Ideas

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When you need personal nautical gift ideas for the boating enthusiasts on your shopping list, personalized boating products are your best bet.

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Boat Name Blankets
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When not in use, just zip closed all the way around the book and carry with the convenient handle along the binding. Set it down on wet sand or boat cushions, pack it in the beach bag with the wet towels - no more wrinkled pages and ruined covers.

Best of all, we can embroider your boat name (or any text) in block or script font and your choice of color.

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Know anybody with hand towels in their boat's head (or nautically-themed bathroom or kitchen at home?)

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Boat Name Hand Towels
Lastly, don't forget the personalized hand towels, embroidered with your gift recipient's boat name - the perfect match for the aforementioned ToweLocs...

These hand towels are big at 16 inches wide by 30 inches long; perfect for hanging in the head or the galley of any yacht or cruiser. Available in four nautical colors with several options for the lettering color of the boat name.

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Boat Name Bling

Received this message a few weeks ago and could use help coming up with a name for the Ring family.

Last name is Ring and we would like that as part of the name. We are buying a 52' Harbor Master houseboat for use with children and grandchildren. We are also known as Nana and Papa. We have been in the wine industry for 30+years. 
Name this beautiful houseboat...

Boat Cover Contest Winners

Congratulations to Mitchell Logsdon and Mike Donahue, two of the winners in the boat cover contest that ended yesterday, sponsored by Empire Covers

Thanks to everyone who entered. 

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Any boat name but Journeyman II

We received this request for help a few weeks ago from a young man trying to help his mom and dad name their new boat. Please have a look and suggest your boat names below:
My parents have had a sailboat since 1984. They have kept it in the marina on Seneca Lake (one of the finger lakes) in Watkins Glen, NY. As my dad was a journeyman electrician, they named the boat "Journeyman", to reflect both his job and his adventure seeking nature. As with all sailboaters, they decided to upgrade to a larger sailboat and they are having trouble naming it. "Journeyman 2" doesn't have the same ring to it.

One of the reasons for the upgrade was to accommodate our growing family. They now have me and my other 2 siblings as well as 2 grandkids. They have both recently retired and they would love nothing more than to have the whole family join them on the lake for the weekends.Any help would be appreciated!

Newlyweds, New Sailors, New Boat Name

We received this message and picture a few weeks ago...Please read below and suggest your boat name ideas for this O'Day:
My husband and I were married last August and we just bought our first boat that's ours (not family's). It's a used boat - 25' O'day sailboat, which we plan on sprucing up.
(continues after photo...)

I am a Realtor and my husband designs platforms for online education. We are both independent contractors. We woke up one morning and decided to learn to sail. Two weeks later, we were in a sailing class, and one week after that, we purchased our first boat which we keep in a slip at a local sailing club. We both love the water, boating, and the outdoors. We like to socialize and have fun. We plan on meeting a lot of other people with sailboats and making new friends. Thanks for your help!

Beantown Boat Names

Let's play the word association game. We received this message recently - let us know if any boat name ideas pop into your head.

All we can think of is "Red Sox Suck", so, admittedly, us Yankee fans are not being very helpful:
sporting family, red sox fan, boat is red, mike little is my name, skiers and wake boarders

Still can't think of a boat name based on those key words? Try this picture we just found on a google search something Red Sox and Boating related...

Red Sox Boat: Bear Pond 4th of July Parade

Need for Speed Boat Names

A few weeks ago we received an anonymous message from a car guy about his boat name. He also mentioned that he likes to fish. Not much else to go on here, but if you have any boat name suggestions, please post them below. Here is his message:
I have been in the automobile business (new car dealership) all my life and i am also a very successful race car driver.

Boat Name for a Sugar Mama

Wow, there are so many different directions you can go with this one. Here's the entire original message we recently received, complete with family photo. Love it! Have a read, and suggest your boat names below:
Family of five. Spending time with family is our favorite thing to do. Love being outside and on the water. Love the Green Bay Packers and the Wisconsin Badgers.

Boat is red.

Please help come up with a boat name for this beautiful family of five!

We have a place up north near Tomahawk (city)on the Spirit (lake). We call our place up north "Big Bear."

Husband calls me his Sugar Mama (like Sugar Daddy) because I work full time and he's a stay-at-home-dad. We were thinking about calling our new boat "Sugar Mama" or something with Sugar in the name. The other angle of sugar -- having a boat is SWEET!

Anyway, he wants it to be a name you can actually CALL the boat. Not just something clever printed on the boat. For example, we have an old slow, beat-up, cheap fishing boat we call the Blue Bomber. We actually say, "Let's take the Blue Bomber out fishing." Another example, my brother has an old pick-up truck he calls "Trixie." Love all the clever names (and am not against clever) but it needs to be a name you actually refer to the boat as. We don't want a name printed on the side of the boat but then still just call it "the boat."

Does that make sense?

Buckeye Boat Names

We received this message a few weeks ago and need help naming the boat. In addition to their message, they said they like to fish, ski and socialize on their powerboat. What do you think? Boat names below, please:
Administrator for ambulatory surgery center located in Indianapolis, boat is on Geist reservoir, proud Ohio State grad, former football and baseball player

5-K Boat Name

We received this brief message a few weeks ago, but it's packed with boat name ideas. Please post your boat name suggestions below:
Husb- maintenance worker, Wife- medical secretary.

3 boys everyone's first name begins with Letter "K".

We like to live life to the fullest, have a harley.

Name the Muddy Boat

We received the following message a few weeks ago; can you help Roger name his boat?
This boat is my retirement gift from myself (no wife hurdle to jump.) It will be specially outfitted for duck hunting and some river fishing in the summer. The motor is specialized for running in shallow, muddy marshes. I would like the name to relate to duck hunting or swamp related.

Boat Names for My 3 Sons

Jamie and Bethany sent us this boat name request recently; please enjoy their story and suggest some boat names below...
We are a family of 5 with 3 sons. We love German Shephards. Jamie is a computer programmer and Bethany works in childcare with children with special needs. We have a fixer-upper boat. We both use computers a lot. We couldn't live without them. We love watching tv/movies. Mostly comedy. Jamie likes black and blues and Bethany likes green earthy colors. Jamie is a quiet laid back kind of guy while Bethany is freespirited and enjoys sharing her opinion with everyone!

COOL Boat Names

We recently received this message and could use some COOL boat name ideas for this gentleman. That's right, we gave you a hint to get started. Please post your cool boat name ideas below:
I have a 22' center console. I do Air Conditioning for a living. I love to offshore fish and dive for lobsters.

Cruiser Boat Names

This was a nice email, with a good descriptive story. Can you think of any boat names for Mark and Karen based on this picture and message:
Can you help name this Sea Ray 300 Weekender?
Mark and I have been married for 2 years. We are 54 and 55 yrs. We had a high performance boat but changed our minds and have gone back to a cruiser. We are madly in love and from Nine Mile Falls WA. We really love our 300 Sea Ray Weekender. Karen has 2 children and 1 granddaughter And Mark has children in Wisconsin and Spokane, WA.
We love to entertain
We love our Harley.

Our Names in the Boat Name

We received this message a few weeks ago. Very simple, can you help them condense their names into a boat name that makes sense?
i would like to try to use our names or letters of our names:

Initial Boat Names

A very simple boat name challenge. A couple sent us a message looking for help naming their pontoon boat. Both of their initials are GES. They like to socialize with other boaters and fish from their boat. Any suggestions for boat names for them?

Freedman of Boat Name Ideas

Received this message recently from a man named Don Freedman, who asked us to include his name in this post, as his wife likes "Freedman Five" for a boat name. What do you think?
Wife is a Physical Therapist, I am an Electrical Engineer, 3 kids - 15, 12, and 12. And a cat. We live on Grand Island, NY between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. We usually boat on the Upper Niagara River.

Aviation Boat Names

We received this message recently but have not come up with any good boat (or business) names for them. What would you suggest? Please comment below their message:
My boyfriend, myself and our best friend have just purchased a 30 Wellcraft to use for charter fishing in the Gulf. We are all in the Aviation business (Purchasing, Maintenance and Engineering) and cannot think of a name for this boat or the Charter Service we would like to operate. We would like to somehow link the boat name and business name to the three of us and our Aviation careers.  

Boat Name for a Shrink

His words, not ours. Let's just help this good doctor name his boat based on his original message, which we received a few weeks ago:
I was a shrink for 35 years, so psychology (or mental issues)(lol) are fair game. I'm leaning toward using my wife's name "Joy" in the name instead of the vocation, but I'm open to all suggestions. The boat will only be used for freshwater fishing. TIA.

Boat Names on the Bayou

We've been trying to come up with a boat name for this fixer-upper since we got the following message:
We just got a small outboard motor boat for the first time. We've been married 22 years and it's been our dream to own a little boat to just relax and enjoy spending time on. Certainly nothing fancy. It's in rough shape so we are completely restoring it ourselves, together as a project. We plan on using this boat to fish, but mostly for cruising down the bayous, lakes and swamps of Louisiana. Also, frequently we'll likely have another couple with us for evening cruises featuring appetizers and cocktails. We enjoy spending time with friends and family and what better way to do it!

Mad Crazy Curls Boat Name

Here's a hairy one for ya. We received this message recently and have been scratching our heads over what to suggest for boat names. If you have any ideas, please comment below:
We reciently changed from our sailboat "Mad Crazy Curls" to a trawler/tug and would like to keep the grand kids lighthearted thick and eaisly tangled hair theme.

American-Canadian Boat Names

Check out this message we recently received and see if you can come up with any good boat names:
Help name Bud's old boat...
I am an American, recently married to a Canadian. I bought my Grandfather's house when he needed to go into a nursing facility, and in doing so, I inherited a mirror dinghy sail boat that was hanging in the garage (which he built). I am thinking of naming the boat after him. His name is Warren and goes by Bud.

Boat Name Gear Pics

If you stumbled across our boat name blog from our Boat Name Gear store looking for examples of our finished products, here are a couple of links for you...

The slide show below is from a few items we took pictures of and put up on Picasa, and here is the link to the photos on our FaceBook page. We only take photos of finished products every few weeks, so these are not everything we've done, and there is some overlap between the two photo sites, but here ya go...

One Smoking Boat

Check this one out - What a great incentive to stop smoking! There's not a lot to go on, but I bet you could come up with a few good boat name ideas based on this brief email we received recently:
My husband and I quit smoking a yr ago. And bought a boat with the $ saved from quitting .

Deck Boat Names for a Retired Grandfather

We received this message a few weeks ago and haven't had any good boat name ideas yet; please read the message and let us know what you would suggest:
Both wife and I are retired.

Love to boat ride on river, and stop to beach along sandy area people stop.

Just like sitting in edge of water on chair and watching what's going on.

Bought new 24 ft. deck style boat last year, so grand kids come along when they can.

Colorful Boat Name Ideas

Here's a brief email we recently received with a request for boat name help . Read the message and suggest some boat names below:
I am an aircraft mechanic, married with two children. She works in the medical field. I like yellow colors with black or silver or gray. she likes purple.

Back on the Water... Thirty Years Later

We received this email message recently from a proud dad who has waited a long time to get back on the water. Now it's time for us to help him name his boat. Your boat name suggestions below, please...
30 years ago I gave up my boat to a new born daughter. Now that daughter is married, educated and I am back on the water!! I have dreamed of this moment for 30 years and am thrilled to be able to be back on the water.

Help rename the Me-SHELL

Okay, we received this message a few weeks ago and are finally getting around to posting it here, mostly because we couldn't come up with any good boat names for the renaming of the "Me Shell"  (That's right: Michelle with a picture of a shell). What do you suggest? Here is the message and a pic of the boat with the previous owner's boat name:
Can you help re-name the Me-Shell? Please?
I'm Mexican/Puerto Rican married to an American (who people think is Cuban) named Sean.
My zodiac is Sagittarius, his is Capricorn. We met online 11 years ago. We have 3 kids : Cameron 13, Julian 10, and Isabelle 2.

I'm a domestic manager aka stay @ home mom and he's in sales. Brown is my fav. color and green is his. Our fav./lucky number is 21. We both love music, dallas cowboys, and the miami heat.

Non Kitschy Boat Names

Received this message a few weeks ago and need YOUR help naming the boat, mostly because nobody here knows what kitschy means, and we definitely don't speak arabic or german. Here is the message, which by the way is quite appropriate for the approaching Father's Day weekend. Your boat name ideas below, please.
This is my first boat, bought as a tribute to my father who passed away last February (2010). He taught me to boat in the marshes of SE Georgia and dreamed of owning a Mako or Whaler. I bought a 1966 Chris Craft Commander, all vintage bullet-proof fiberglass with old-school feel. Looking for a name that combines my Southern history, my new life in the pacific NW (Puget Sound) and maybe is a nod to my profession: Real estate. I don't like kitschy names, and I love foreign words (I speak Arabic, a bit of German, some Spanish, French)

Farm-House-Boat Names

We received this message a few weeks ago and haven't yet thought of a name for them. What are your ideas? Here is their story:
We have bought this houseboat with another couple. Both families are farming families. We think we would like something to do with that. We are both grain farmers. They have 2 daughters and we have a son and a daughter. Both couples are in our 30's. We like to have a lot of fun, music, swimming and socializing.
We just purchased it. The Canvas will be yellow and the stipes will be yellow and one black down the middle of the boat.

Italian-American Boat Name Ideas

We received this message a few weeks ago and could use your help with boat names for them:
Our family (wife and 2 kids) bought this boat last year. I love to fish, the wife and kids like to relax and cruise. I am looking for something funny and relates to fishing and relaxing. Also, we are italian-american, and any play on that would be great too.

Boat Name for PaPa

Received this simple message recently with some keywords that may help you come up with some boat name ideas. It's kind of like a poem. Please post your boat name suggestions below:
Retired,grandfather,electrician,center console,electric utility worker,grandkids call PaPa,

Boat Name with Room for Dogs

We received this email from Lauren a few weeks ago, and have not had a chance to suggest any boat names.  Do you have any ideas? Here is here boat's picture and original message:
Can you name this Trojan F26
I married into a family filled with watermen. We have 2 children, 3 dogs, my husband is a police officer and I am a acquisition manager. This boat was purchased solely for my pleasure, as my husband has a speed boat that lacks room for the dogs. We just put in a new motor, and freshened up the interior with new cushions, stained the wood... I enjoy putting around, tying up at the islands all day then bar hopping at night.

Scroll down after the message from our partner to help name this boat!

Learn about boating safety tips with Boater Exam

Boat Name for a Gulf Angler

We received this request for boat name help several weeks ago and haven't thought of any boat names yet for this full-time resort manager, lifelong fisherman, and recent sea charter captain ( Please take a look at the picture of his boat and his message, and suggest boat names below:
Can you name this SeaHunt?

My name is Preston. I am 25 years old and live in Destin, FL. I work as Guest Services manager for Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. My passion is fishing.

I have a wife named Hadley and we have been married for almost 2 years. We have been together since we were both 12 years old.

I attended Auburn University and I am a big Auburn fan. My favorite color is blue. I am the oldest of 4 boys. Country music is my favorite genre of music and I enjoy listening to George Strait, Brad Paisley, and Kenny Chesney.

I do not have any children yet but I have 3 dogs. I want a boat name that is about 1 or 2 words and is clever/catchy. This is my first new boat.

MORE Top Boat Names

Another site releases their top ten boat names... how does it compare to FirstBoat's?  Is your name on the list? 

Just a few weeks after our partners over at announced the most popular boat names of 2011, insurance company BoatU.S. has released their version of the list based on their own data.

In addition to selling insurance, BoatU.S. sells vinyl boat lettering. To come up with their list, they scan the boat names that their customers order throughout the year when buying vinyl lettering. This is not too different to how our friends at FirstBoat arrive at their top boat names, only FirstBoat uses data from multiple sources to achieve a more realistic view of the most popular boat names in the US. The FirstBoat list was compiled based on the most frequent unique purchases of vinyl boat lettering at, and unique purchases of personalized boating gear and apparel from Of course, no personal data was shared with anybody, ever, as we're sure is the case with BoatU.S. as well.

Anyway, you probably only care about the top 10 boat names, so here are the top ten from BoatU.S.
  1. AquaHolic
  2. Andiamo (Let's go)
  3. The Black Pearl
  4. La Belle Vita (The Beautiful Life)
  5. Mojo
  6. Island Time
  7. Second Wind
  8. No Worries
  9. Serenity
  10. Blue Moon
Boat names that made it to the above list as well as to FirstBoat's top ten include:
Andiamo (7 at FirstBoat)
Black Pearl (6 at FirstBoat)
Serenity (1 at FirstBoat)

The press release containing the full FirstBoat list and a little background on each boat name can be found on our "corporate" site's blog, Nautical Sites.

Those three boat names are the only ones to appear on both lists, which derive their results from different sources. Does that make "Serenity", "Black Pearl" and "Andiamo" the three most popular boat names overall?  What do you see around your dock?

Boat Name for a Family of Five

Received this request for boat naming help recently and need help thinking of a boat name. Here is the message along with a photo from the family:
Can you name this pontoon boat?
We are a family of 5...
mom, danielle, dad, eric, and 3 boys: peyton, parker and pierce (all begin with "p")

Mom is obviously the odd one out..only female! Mom LOVES the boat and actually probably takes it out the most. We have it docked to use in Sandy Pond and Lake Ontario, NY.

Names about "moms' toy" (boring) or 3 "p"'s (duh) are what we've been thinking

Boat Name Alternative to Marcia VI

Recieved this message, along with a picture of a boat, a few weeks ago... still no boat name. Please suggest some below via the comments field. Thanks!
Berkshire 220 CL LTD2
We are buying this pontoon boat. Our last boat was named after my wife, "Marcia V". I did the lettering with a Polish flag off of the "V". My wife and I are both 42 years old, we have one twelve year old son and a female golden retriever. I'm a truck driver and she's a receptionist. I'm Polish/German and she's Polish. We're Catholic. Favorite color is red. Family is very important to us all. We are Detroit fans and huge fans of Chrysler corp vehicles ie (Chrysler, Dodge, Ram) Also of Cadillac. We love cruising our inland waterways river system. I was a Great Lakes Merchant Mariner (Mate)for twenty two years.

Top Ten Boat Names

Top 10 most popular boat names, 2011

Photo © Boat Name Gear
Our partners over at just announced the most popular boat names of 2011. In reviewing the list, the FirstBoat folks noticed a trend among the boat names. It turns out boaters are expressing the fact that they enjoy the calmness and friends-and-family-time that they get to experience out on the water. Sure, sort of an obvious statement, but in the recent past boat names such as Stimulus and Bail Out were in the top ten.

But this year, the names are all about the "chill". Names like Serenity, Happy Ours, Family Time and Just Chillin dominated this year’s top ten. Do boaters know how to relax more than the rest of the population? More importantly, is your boat name on the list?

Bequested Boat Name

Normally we have boat name requests, but this one is a boat name bequest. We received this message a while back, and Matt just reminded us he still needs help with his boat name. So we are going to the blog! Here is his photo and message; please post your boat name suggestions below:
Can you help name this EBBTIDE?
Hi my name is Matt. I am 24 years old and have been around boats through my father since I was about 6.

Just recently a very close family friend passed away and he left me his boat; she has never been named so I feel I should name her. She is a 17 foot EBBTIDE Montego 170.

I am a trailer boater and generally run the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg, PA but also love to take trips to Lake Raystown.

The boat is two tone white and blue and is a 3.0L mercruiser sterndrive with an Alpha One outdrive.

I like some of the double meaning names I've seen, i.e. on a jet boat I have seen "going propless" I would prefer a two word name so it fits nicely on the hull, but whatever you can come up with is worth a shot, I've been struggling to name this boat for a while.

My dad's boat is named the Misty C. (our last name starts with a "C").

Thanks very much for your time and thoughts and happy boating!!!

Carolina Boat Names

We received the following a message a few weeks ago - hopefully this nice Carolina couple hasn't had any more scratches before we got a chance to post this story. Oh, and please submit your boat names below!
Picture courtesy
My wife and I bought a 2010 SeaRay 240 SunDancer and are struggling to come up with a name for her.

I was and still am a golfaholic, but I have always liked being out on a boat.

We live in Charleston SC and this is the 1st time I have been on a boat that wasn't on a lake.

I have been a big Hootie and the Blowfish fan, so much we named our Dog "Hootie". We used to live up in Asheville NC before we move to Charleston so we are still trying to get used to the low country.

Flag image courtesy of the official NC State store
I went to NC STATE and I am a big supporter of their athletic program.

We have looked at tons o boat names to try and come up with ideas but have not made any progress on our maiden voyage we actually had trouble docking and got our first "scratch" which cost us $600 to get fixed so we need to find a name soon before we REALLY have problems.

Thanks for your help!

Texas Boat Names

We received this message a few weeks ago and welcome your boat name suggestions below:
Picture of another Velocity, courtesy of Velocity Powerboats
We are a couple residing in AR fixing to buy our first boat, A red Velocity speed boat.

We are both proudly from Texas but relocated here for Oil and Gas for the hubby and I am a Nurse.

We love to party, socialize, sun and love the water.

Favorite color for both of us is RED. We are both Leo's and both love to workout, stay in shape and show it off. Originally wanted something with Texas on the boat... but having some blocks.

Mexican-American Boat Names

We received the following email a couple of weeks ago and could use some boat name ideas for this family. Ana also mentioned they enjoy fishing, socializing. Here's the unedited message we received from Ana:
I'm short, Mexican (married to an American)

My sign is Pisces, husband name is Jody (Joe)

I play the piano and either we are at the river on our pontoon or the sea with our motor yacht.

Have 21 yr son (Mason) and 19 yr daughter, (Alexandra)

Diver Down Boat Names

Becky and Don have a once-sunken boat and they need your help naming her!

Here's their original message:
Ok here's the story...

This boat sunk during a bad storm, Don is a dive instructor and was given the boat if he could raise it, which with a lot of hard work and a month later he did.

We have completely redone the boat and shes almost ready to sail but not without a name.

We are having a hard time with this as Don would like something catchy or cute that has something to do with diving. Any ideas?!?!

Cobalt Boat Names

Just got this message and picture from a couple of newlyweds last week; can you help them name her boat?

Cobalt Boat Names from Terra...
My husband and I are recently married and bought a house on the lake. We have just bought our first boat and are excited to live on the water. We have dogs and no kids.

Home Again Boat Name

We received the following message from Mylan last week. Can you help him name his new fishing boat? Here is his original message:
I love to fish for lake trout and salmon. This is my first "big" boat. I am an environmental engineer. I moved home after 14 years of living away from where I was born. I love being home again because I can enjoy all the things I love the most, fishing, hunting, outdoors things. I feel like I am finally living again.

Actual boat sent in with story

Nursing the Boat Names

This message is short and to the point, but it just may be enough to help this young lady name her boat.

By the way, before you complain, we're not being sexist by assuming she is a lady based on her being a nurse... She told us she was a female in her email, but asked us not to publish her name on the blog. Although, to be honest, we don't know if she is really young or not. Anyway, here's her message - post your boat name suggestions below:
My power cruiser is on a river and I am a nurse.

First Boat inTexas

We received this message earlier this week from a man who needs some help naming the boat. The picture is not his actual boat, but a similar Chaparral we snapped a picture of at a recent boat show. Add your suggestions for boat namea below.

A row of Chaparrals at the Hartford Boat Show. Photo by Andrew Canepari
First boat...a 25' Chaparral bowrider. Love hanging at the islands at Lake Texoma, water sports and we do fish a little fishing. Married and 2 kids. Wife is Teri, Kids- Bianca and Grant. I work in the healthcare insurance field and we live in Texas.

Boat Name for Susie Q

A girl named Sue sent us this message last month looking for help naming her boat. Whaddaya got? Our ideas are below...
Use Susan or Sue in name
Boat is a Provincial sportsfisherman moored at Galloway Creek, Chesapeake Bay
Like to fish for rockfish and crab
Not Sue's Boat, but a similar one. Photo courtesy

Sue may not like to be called "Susie Q", but the following pictures may spark some ideas:

Susie Q - a Sailboat for Sale in Mystic CT 2010
Another Susie Q - a shirt from

More Flags More Boat Names

This could be a fun boat to name, but not sure if the theme park features Mickey, Elmo, or the guy who yells "more flags more fun" (video below)... read the following message and post your boat name ideas:
Picture sent in with boat name request
Retired law enforcement after 33 years.
Working now seasonally in security and EMT at a local large ammusment park.
Blue-sailing for years
Board member of a local sailing club

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

More Boat Names - the Archive