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Six Matching Boat Names

This is an interesting one. Can you think of a theme here? Maybe something like the 7 Dwarfs? We received the following message recently and inserted our own picture of a six-pack, because that's the first thing we thought of when we read this boat name request...
I have 6 laser picos that all need names. They are just little sailing boats, but I really want to give them all matching names, but am completely stuck for ideas.

I could really use some help thinking up 6 matching names for them.
Thanks for your help.


Bacon Lover said...

Six Boats of Bacon...

Name one boat "Kevin Bacon", and the other 5 a series of actors that are connected.

When the boats are put away at the end of each day, the boats must be arranged in order of the connections between the actors they are named after.

Anonymous said...

I like the 7 dwarfs idea.

Fact: 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not Happy. So, name the boats after the other 6 and be Happy!

Parrothead Navy said...

Catherine of Aragon
Anne Boleyn
Jane Seymour
Anne of Cleves
Kathryn Howard
Katherine Parr

(the six wives of Henry VIII)

Anonymous said...

The six Gummi Bears: Zummi, Gruffi, Grammi, Cubbi, Sunni, and Tummi!

Or patriotic . . . Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, and Franklin (grand names for little boats).

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