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Mother and Daughter Boat Names

Received this message in October and can't think of an appropriate boat name. Please post your ideas for boat names below and help these ladies out. No pics of the boat or additional information other than it's a sailboat. Here is the full message we received:
I've been a stay at home mother for 10 years with my daughter Emma.

She was diagnosed with special needs when she was young. She has 2 years of bad health but is better now.

I'm asking her father to buy the boat for us before he moves out. We have not been a couple for a very long time but have stayed together this long to help care for our daughter. We are very good friends and I hope we can always be that way.

Right now the boat is called freedom for 2. Mostly it will just be myself and my daughter.

This will be my very first boat and I'm very excited about it and would love a perfect name

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Anonymous said...

'Loving Emma'

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