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Extended Family Enjoys Their Boat

When we received this message and picture a couple of weeks ago, we were sure we'd think of a boat name quickly, but have not yet. Please read the message and add your boat name suggestions below:
We received this pic along with the following boat name request.
Two couples own this boat.

My son (we are a second marriage so it's not my husband's son), Ryan, and his wife, Tara, and my husband, Wayne and I.

We mostly boat together on the St. Croix River near Prescott WI.

I know this makes it more difficult with so many people. It probably won't be helpful to know our jobs, etc.

When we boat we enjoy relaxing, talking and laughing, and some "refreshing beverages" (the guys have mixed drinks and the girls like wine mostly), the guys like to smoke their cigars on the boat, Tara and I like to chill in our floaties.

We all live in the vicinity of the Twin Cities in MN.


Anonymous said...

How "Chillin"
or maybe "Just Chillin"

Anonymous said...

Something using the play of 'Rytaway!' (right away, spelt with letters from names) but combining some letters from your name too, which we don't know :)

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