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Silverton Boat Names

Received this message a few weeks ago, and figured they've waited three years to name their boat, they can wait three more weeks. Now, it's time to help them... please read this story and suggest boat names below:
My husband Tom and two sons, Tom (age 22) and Tim (age 19) and I love to travel and see new things. We have traveled to all of the U.S. states except Calif in a motor home and have seen many things. We then began to explore the Caribbean (St. Lucia which we really loved, Tortola which was great (Long Bay Beach particularly), the Bahamas, etc.

We love boats and the outdoors (fishing, camping, snow and water skiing, hiking, and especially boating). We had a 20foot Sea Ray since 1976 and would trailer it to nearby lakes to ski and boat.

After 30 years, we finally made the decision (which we had been discussing forever) to buy a boat and dock it on Lake Erie near the Islands in western Ohio. We bought a 45 foot Silverton at a great price three years ago and we love it and going up there every weekend to boat. We like to go to the islands (put-in-bay, kelley's), and cruise to new places (which we haven't done too much of yet).

We have had the boat for three years (this is the third season) and haven't been able to come up with a name that we all like. Any ideas?
A swatch we embroidered
Boat names and comments below please... By the way, BoatNameGear has the ability to do custom embroidery on shirts, sweats and jackets with the Silverton logo. Inquire at

Also, while we're on the subject, please check out our friends at, a free forum for Silverton owners.


Gary said...

I have been in your boating area a few times, and think this would be a common name, but have yet to see it. So my suggestion would be "Erie Feeling". Use it or not, it sounds like you are enjoying your boat, which is as it should be. :)

Unknown said...

How about Silver Lining

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