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Three Brothers Boat Name Ideas

Read this message and suggest some boat names for these 3 brothers:
I raced sailboats for about 20 years. I just switched to a Chaparral Signature 290, which has no name. My sailboat names were Asylum (Choat 37) and Expresso (Express 37), but Asylum is still being used.
3 brothers boat names
3 partners all brothers... we don't want the 3 in the name.

We all grew up in Puget Sound, Seattle. One of my brothers is now in New Mexico until he retires in a couple years...Intel. 2 are programmers, one builds chips...vp intel.

Trying to get a name outside of work that is fun and unique (Yeah I know...). We do just about anything you can imagine..., snowmobile, 4-wheelers, sail, power boat, jet ski, fish, NASCAR, F1, concerts...

It is a fast cruiser, and we have another fishing boat (Chromatoas)(Chrome stealheads), so I want to stay away from fish names.

P.S. Some wives may need to agree to it.
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