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Three Brothers Boat Name Ideas

Read this message and suggest some boat names for these 3 brothers:
I raced sailboats for about 20 years. I just switched to a Chaparral Signature 290, which has no name. My sailboat names were Asylum (Choat 37) and Expresso (Express 37), but Asylum is still being used.
3 brothers boat names
3 partners all brothers... we don't want the 3 in the name.

We all grew up in Puget Sound, Seattle. One of my brothers is now in New Mexico until he retires in a couple years...Intel. 2 are programmers, one builds chips...vp intel.

Trying to get a name outside of work that is fun and unique (Yeah I know...). We do just about anything you can imagine..., snowmobile, 4-wheelers, sail, power boat, jet ski, fish, NASCAR, F1, concerts...

It is a fast cruiser, and we have another fishing boat (Chromatoas)(Chrome stealheads), so I want to stay away from fish names.

P.S. Some wives may need to agree to it.
Please help...


Greg said...

Good advice on boat names. No more fish names is always a good thing. If you don't want 3 in the name how about 3 in a different language.

-Gary said...

You didn't mention where you plan on doing your boating, but if you are still in Puget Sound, how about "Sound Machine"?

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