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Help Name Ginny's First Boat

Virginia Bailey sent us a boat name request for her first boat, and she was nice enough to let us include her name on this post. That is good, because "Bailey" is one of those names that lends itself well to boats (especially if you drink). All she told us about the boat is that it is a powerboat.

Anyway, here's her message.
Please post boat name ideas below: I am 52 years old, An x-ray technologist specializing in CAT (CT) Scan. I am called Ginny or Virginia. This is my first boat.


Anonymous said...

Hi.. ginny here.. I didn't include a picture or description of my boat.. it's a 20' hurricane bowrider. any suggestions would be helpful, as the more I think on it, the stupider the names seem. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Tonic (then you've got Ginny in Tonic)

Anonymous said...


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