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Funny Gold Boat Names

Not much at all to go on here, but at least he sent an actual photo of his boat with his brief message. I swear, all his email said was this one line:
"I am looking for a funny boat name."

Okay, that's it... nothing else to see here. If you have any good, funny boat name ideas from looking at this guy's picture of his gold boat, please post them below.


Editor said...

Midas Touch (Greek god reference)
Goldfinger (Bond bad guy)
Golden Pond (Fonda move)
Golden Rule (guests must buy gas or bring beer, of course)

Anonymous said...

I own the boat, Sorry I didn't realize i didn't to put more. Heres a little history on the boat, it's been in my family for 26 years, owned by my two uncle and now me. It has almost double the Hp the boat is rated for. It's a 1984 Sunray SS150.

Other than just a funny name I wouldn't mind something that incorporated my 5 month son's name, Mason.

Anonymous said...

How about "Mason Dixon Liner "

Anonymous said...

double the rated ? How about "Flipper"

Anonymous said...

Gold Member OverPowers

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sticky fingers, (goldfinger and Masons little hands on everything)

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