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Our Ohio River Boat Name

Received this message a couple of weeks ago and could use your help with a boat name idea or two:
My husband and I love boating on the Ohio River.

We would like a name like "Adventure-us" Or Happy "OURS" something of that nature...

Any suggestions?

Three Brothers Boat Name Ideas

Read this message and suggest some boat names for these 3 brothers:
I raced sailboats for about 20 years. I just switched to a Chaparral Signature 290, which has no name. My sailboat names were Asylum (Choat 37) and Expresso (Express 37), but Asylum is still being used.
3 brothers boat names
3 partners all brothers... we don't want the 3 in the name.

We all grew up in Puget Sound, Seattle. One of my brothers is now in New Mexico until he retires in a couple years...Intel. 2 are programmers, one builds chips...vp intel.

Trying to get a name outside of work that is fun and unique (Yeah I know...). We do just about anything you can imagine..., snowmobile, 4-wheelers, sail, power boat, jet ski, fish, NASCAR, F1, concerts...

It is a fast cruiser, and we have another fishing boat (Chromatoas)(Chrome stealheads), so I want to stay away from fish names.

P.S. Some wives may need to agree to it.
Please help...

Wolverine Boat Names

We got this message last week and would love to see some boat name ideas from other Michigan fans:
We just bought our first boat after 5 summers of owning a lake house. We have a 2005 25 ft Bennington pontoon. It has blue detail coloring on the side, which is perfect b/c we are Michigan Wolverine fans. Was hoping to get the big M symbol with a Michigan saying of some sort?
Note: this picture is not the actual boat described, but a random pontoon boat we've used for other posts.

Another Boat Name for a Pontoon Boat, Eh?

Ok, nothing much to go on here, but maybe the Havasu - Canada connection will mean something to someone who will come up with a brilliant boat name idea. Here's the original message I got from a man who also indicated he likes to fish, water ski and socialize on his boat:
25 foot pontoon boat bought it in lake havasu. now in canada

Help Name This Robalo

Finally, a comprehensive boat name request and a picture of the actual boat! Read on, and post your boat name ideas below:
I am a mechanic. I have a girlfriend of 7 years, and we love to travel and love to fish. We love anything about the ocean and every animal in it. I have been fishing since I was 5 years old. I got this 1995 Robalo 24 foot walkaround for a great deal.

It was a one owner boat, and even came with the owner's manual! Right now it is called AM and FM, for the previous owner and his wife's initials, so I have to rename it. It was really dirty because it sat around for a year, so I have been cleaning it every day. I am finally ready to go out on it, but I need a name! My girlfriend has been trying for weeks to think of one and nothing seems right. Please help!

20/20 Boat Names

We just received this message for help naming a power boat and the number "20" keeps jumping out at us for some reason. Got any boat name ideas? Please add them below the message:
This is our first boat, purchased for our 20th wedding anniversary. We are hoping after 20 years of raising kids (still working on that) and making a living we could have something to do fun together. Share great times with family and friends that we will all remember.

Boat Name Astrology

Last week we got this message from a young woman who got us thinking about the use of astrology in boat names when she told us her sign. Speaking of "What's your sign?", does this woman's email sort of read like a personals ad? Anyway, here's her message, post your boat name ideas below:
Me: software technical writer, beach bum (ocean), Leo, love to cook and create.
Husband: commercial fisherman (scallops), skiing, airplanes.
Kids: Tory, Luke

Name a Houseboat

We received this simple message last week and need help coming up with a boat name for this houseboat:
We need a name for our houseboat. We want something that describes how peaceful and relaxing our time is on the lake.
(The following picture is not their actual boat.)
(Photo courtesy of

Boat Name for a Retired Baseballer

We received this message last week from another retired baseball professional (over 45 yrs he probably played, coached, managed, etc). Got any ideas for him?
Ended a 45 year baseball career to buy a 27' Searay Weekender and finally get out on the water......pondering a boat name that combines fishing/boating/baseball.....I welcome your suggestions....thanks

Help Name Ginny's First Boat

Virginia Bailey sent us a boat name request for her first boat, and she was nice enough to let us include her name on this post. That is good, because "Bailey" is one of those names that lends itself well to boats (especially if you drink). All she told us about the boat is that it is a powerboat.

Anyway, here's her message.
Please post boat name ideas below: I am 52 years old, An x-ray technologist specializing in CAT (CT) Scan. I am called Ginny or Virginia. This is my first boat.

An Alarming Boat Name

Donna sent in a very detailed boat name request last week... There is a lot to work with here, so have a read and suggest some boat names!

Here is her message:
My family purchasing a 32 ft Yellowfin today. We lost our last boat, a Grady White, to Hurricane Ike. We live on Galveston Island, TX. We own a burglar and fire alarm company, Alert Alarms. My dad, the boat's legal owner, is Rip. We love to fish! We are trying to think of a boat name that includes our security company and fishing somehow.

This is not the exact boat, but another 32' Yellowfin we found for sale on Scroll down to suggest a boat name for this family.

Funny Gold Boat Names

Not much at all to go on here, but at least he sent an actual photo of his boat with his brief message. I swear, all his email said was this one line:
"I am looking for a funny boat name."

Okay, that's it... nothing else to see here. If you have any good, funny boat name ideas from looking at this guy's picture of his gold boat, please post them below.

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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