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"No Fish Today" Boat Names

Help us name a Sea Ray. This one would be funnier if we could use their name on the blog, but they didn't let us :-(. Anyway, we got this message a few weeks ago and are trying to come up with a boat name for them. They also indicated they like to socialize and have fun on their boat. Got any suggestions? Here's their story:
Our last name makes you think of 'fish', but we don't fish. I'd like something Literary. He wants something easy to say on the radio. Boat is a Sea Ray.


Editor said...

How about "School of Fish"?

Also, there are several you can pick out of the "literary" category that are also radio-friendly.

Pequod (Moby Dick reference - you can't get more literary for a boat owner)
The Essex (see Moby Dick)
African Queen (C. S. Forester)
Marie Celeste (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Jolly Roger (from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie)
Moonraker (Anthony Trew.. and I think a Bond film)
Artemis (C. S. Forester)
(You can find more like this on Wikipedia:

Editor said...

From a boater on our Facebook page:

Well, it's not the literary name they were looking for, but it is a classic. They share a name with a memorable character in a classic movie. And since they like to socialize, I think "Animal House" would be the name to put on the transom. :)

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