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Naming a Jett Boat

Catching up on outstanding boat name requests, we received the following message a few weeks ago. Can you help her name the boat? In addition to her story, below, we know they like to fish, and that it's a powerboat.
I bought a used boat for my 15 yr old son named Jett and myself to be able to spend some quality time together as well as separately with our respective friends.

This is the 2nd boat I have owned ~ I love the water, it is mesmerizing and serene. I am a pet groomer by profession and have a lap dog named Chloee.

Boating is all about stress free relaxing and recharging. The boat is currently named "Storm Trooper" which I do not like at all.

I am in the process of opening my own grooming shop called 'Groomer Has It'


Editor said...

The Dogs (as in, "going to the dogs")
Groomer Has It (promote your biz, maybe the boat becomes a tax write off)
Jett Boat (b/c you already thought of a great name!)
Peace Boat (instead of Peace Train, because it's a boat)

david said...

david from boat stripes australia suggested ...astro as from the old cartoon the jetsons

Unknown said...

Kickin' da knots

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