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Florida Boat Name Contest

If you're on this site to help people name their boats, here's a contest that's right up your alley... especially if you're in Florida.

A radio station in Orlando is holding a contest to name the boat belonging to their morning show host, Scott McKenzie. The winner gets 4 tickets to the 2010 Hot Summer Boat Show at the Orange County Convention Center August 6th – 8th. There's not much about him or the boat on the contest page, but if you're a listener of his show you can probably come up with something witty.

The contest ends August 5, so enter today.

For more information about the Orlando Hot Summer Boat Show, and other boating events, visit the FirstBoat boat show calendar.


david said...

how about scott free

Anonymous said...

McKenzie Frenzie

Anonymous said...

Radio Wave Rider

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