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American Dream Boat Names

Gotta love this story. We received this message a couple of weeks ago and need some suggestions for this hard-working business owner:
Lost my business 10 years ago and finally re-built it through hard work and many sleepless nights. Just bought 37' powerboat. Trying to think of a unique name. Thought about "wasn't easy". But not sure, can you help?


Editor said...

American Dream

Relentless (describes your effort in getting your business back)

The Office (I know that business owners never really get time off, so this one is good if you bring work to the boat with you...)

2nd Time Around

david said...

how about adversity .

yachtgirl said...

Makin' Waves

ChowderKids said...

Phoenix (rises from the ashes)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

*** RENEW ****

Anonymous said...

Alttitudes Edge

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