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American Dream Boat Names

Gotta love this story. We received this message a couple of weeks ago and need some suggestions for this hard-working business owner:
Lost my business 10 years ago and finally re-built it through hard work and many sleepless nights. Just bought 37' powerboat. Trying to think of a unique name. Thought about "wasn't easy". But not sure, can you help?

A Very Special Boat Name

A young woman named Amber sent us this brief email last week to get our input on a boat name for her first boat. Got any ideas? Comment below.
Here's her message and a picture of a similar boat we found on
I love to fish and want to incorporate the word "special" if possible.
15 ft mckee craft - my 1st boat

Animalistic Boat Names

We received this message with pictures last week from a Vet in Illinois. Check it out and post some safe-for-work boat name suggestions below:
I am a Veterinarian with a mixed animal practice in IL. I own my own clinic and am the only Dr. there. I am on call 24/7. This is my first boat purchase and I am excited about spending time with family and friends out on the water and away from the clinic.

Dirty Martini Boat Names

We received this message recently from a pontoon boat owner looking for a boat name suggestion or two. Got one?
Just bought a Bennington Pontoon boat. We use it up at our cottage in Redfield , NY . We love to drink dirty martinis and call them "Camptinis".
My kids call me Papa Bear or Pepere
 Similar boat, photo courtesy of

Pipefitting Boat Names

We recently received the following message. If you have any boat name ideas, please post them below:
We have a 24' 2001 Searay Sundeck blue and white. My husband (Cary) is a pipefitter and I am an accounts administrator. We have no children and are in our late 30's. We love being out on the water and socializing with other boaters. Please give us some ideas.

Here's a pic of a similar boat. Photo courtesy

Florida Boat Name Contest

If you're on this site to help people name their boats, here's a contest that's right up your alley... especially if you're in Florida.

A radio station in Orlando is holding a contest to name the boat belonging to their morning show host, Scott McKenzie. The winner gets 4 tickets to the 2010 Hot Summer Boat Show at the Orange County Convention Center August 6th – 8th. There's not much about him or the boat on the contest page, but if you're a listener of his show you can probably come up with something witty.

The contest ends August 5, so enter today.

For more information about the Orlando Hot Summer Boat Show, and other boating events, visit the FirstBoat boat show calendar.

Boat Name for a Skiff, Part 2

We received this message a few weeks ago, our second boat name request for a skiff in a month. These folks like to fish and socialize on their boat. Anyway, here's the message:
17' Carolina Skiff. Our names start with K P and B. Our last name starts with a J. Wanted something incorporated with our initials. We were also thinking bout Time's A Reelin'.
 Picture courtesy

Lock Up the Boat Name

We received this boat name request last week, and also found out that this couple likes to fish, water ski and socialize on their new boat. Please read their story and post your ideas below.

Here's the message:
Hi, my name is Nathan. My wife's name is Samantha. We just recently purchased our first new (used) boat - 1984 Wellcraft 210 Elite.

I work for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections as a Probation and Parole Officer and Sam works at a hospital as a Registered Nurse. We both feel motivated to help those less fortunate or those who are in need.

We are very excited about finally owning a boat but we can't think of a good name for it. We thought about Carpe Diem but that is a little cliche for us. I do like the idea of using a phase in another language (i.e. latin).

Thank you for your time and energy.
You're welcome Nathan... now let's think of some boat name ideas!

Boat Names Save Lives

Okay, boat names don't save lives, but this couple does... and now they need YOUR help. Help these folks come up with a boat name so they can get back to saving peoples lives. Red Sox fans can sit out this post.
Here's their message:
We got our first boat it is a 22 foot bow rider, SeaRay. We have two daughters 6 and 9. I am an ER nurse he is a paramedic.

HUGE Yankees fans. Boating on the bay.


Blackbeard Boat Name

If you're a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow, you will soon learn that the name of Blackbeard's most famous ship was Queen Anne's Revenge (pictured, courtesy of when the 4th movie in the the Pirates of the Caribbean series is released.

On a related note, we got this boat name request from a sailor in North Carolina. Looks like he's a former pirate and has Carolina on his mind. Got any boat name ideas for him?

Here's his message:
From East Coast of NC - Went to School and support East Carolina University(pirate mascot) - Queen Anne's Revenge is a stones throw where we dive. Wife's name is Elizabeth. Jimmy B fans.

Top 10 Cape Cod Boat Names

Couldn't resist sharing this article from today's

For their regular "Cape Top 10" feature, the paper rounded up what they call the Cape's quirkiest boat names, all of which were submitted by their readers along with pictures. Looking at the pictures of these boats, some of them were very familiar and we're pretty sure at least a couple of them got their vinyl lettering from our sista-site CustomBoatNames.

By the way, when we checked their "top 10" list actually included 14 boat names.

Among our favorites from their top 14 were:
  • No Fly Zone (Keeping this in mind for the many airline professionals looking for boat name ideas)
  • In The Hole (Not just about golf... see "InTuition" above)
For all the pics and the rest of the top 14 list, visit

Boat Name for a Working Skiff

Got this message a while back, but still no boat name. What's your suggestion for this guy? No ideas here yet, but sounds like he'd be fun to fish with!

Divorced 33yr old aircraft manufacturing manager. Work takes 60hrs a week - very busy.

Buying a small boat to just get in and out of the water during the limited free time i have and enjoy the SC coast.

Main hobbies are golf and, booze-cruising, shrimping, and some red-fishing

"No Fish Today" Boat Names

Help us name a Sea Ray. This one would be funnier if we could use their name on the blog, but they didn't let us :-(. Anyway, we got this message a few weeks ago and are trying to come up with a boat name for them. They also indicated they like to socialize and have fun on their boat. Got any suggestions? Here's their story:
Our last name makes you think of 'fish', but we don't fish. I'd like something Literary. He wants something easy to say on the radio. Boat is a Sea Ray.

Hunter Boat Names

Another boat name request we got a few weeks ago. They still need help, but first a word of caution... Helping think of boat names for this one might make you thirsty. Oh hell, it's 5 O'Clock somewhere!

My husband and I just bought a Hunter 34 sailboat, and are trying to think of a name. We both like to drink Martinis and were thinking of naming it "Tee Martoonis".

We wanted something unique that would make people stop and think and laugh about it. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Naming a Jett Boat

Catching up on outstanding boat name requests, we received the following message a few weeks ago. Can you help her name the boat? In addition to her story, below, we know they like to fish, and that it's a powerboat.
I bought a used boat for my 15 yr old son named Jett and myself to be able to spend some quality time together as well as separately with our respective friends.

This is the 2nd boat I have owned ~ I love the water, it is mesmerizing and serene. I am a pet groomer by profession and have a lap dog named Chloee.

Boating is all about stress free relaxing and recharging. The boat is currently named "Storm Trooper" which I do not like at all.

I am in the process of opening my own grooming shop called 'Groomer Has It'

Boat Names from Winnipeg

Thought we'd share this short article about the many boat names spotted at a harbour, um harbor, in Canada. Just a warning: the author who wrote the article for the Winnipeg Free Press seems to really like boat name puns.

Beguiling boat names a catch at Northern Harbour

Patriotic Boat Names

Haute Living, a leading luxury lifestyle publication, had a very nice piece on patriotic boat names for this 4th of July weekend.
Yacht owners are arguably some of the most creative people around. Take a walk along the docks of your local marina and you’ll see names like Office Ours, Fantasea, Liquid Asset and Seas the Day.

Full article at

Comical Boat Names

Received the following email several weeks ago and thought I would share on the blog to see if anybody had any boat name ideas for this gentleman:

Here's the message we received in its entirety, and a picture of a similar boat we found on the web:
Boat is C&C 29 sailboat, used primarily for racing.

Current boat is called "Comic Relief", which I've had for over 25 years. Tend towards the more humorous side (Still Comic, Humor Check, Attitude Adjustment, etc).

Please add your boat name ideas below. Thanks!

Keep in mind that "Comic Relief II" is probably off the table, or he wouldn't have emailed us.

Generation-Y Boat Names

We recently received this message from a young couple in need of a boat name. Sorry they did not include their names, so not much help we can give with combining their names. I know you folks will have fun with this:

message: We have just been married about a year and are in our 20s. We just bought our first fishing boat ever and are having a blast. We are looking for a boat name that maybe combines our names some how or about fishing or just having fun. Not sure have been looking for a while and would love suggestions.

"Gonna Need a Bigger Boat" Boat Names

Received this message a few weeks ago and have been trying to come up with something, but have been seriously distracted wondering how big their boat must be to fit a family of eight, plus any guests! Any ideas for these new boat owners and their big family?

My Husband and I just purchased our first boat. We have six children and we are all trying to come up with something we all agree on. We kind of like Cra-sea Eight. Do you have any suggestions? Please help

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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