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Pole Dancer Boat Names

Now that we've got your attention, please help this fishing family name their "pole" n line fishing boat.

Here's the message:
Im still finding names for one of our pole n line fishing boat. the name should start with solomon....

25 Top Boat Name Puns

Somebody put out a list of what they are calling the Top 25 Boat Name Puns, and we were lucky enough to get a preview of them.

Not sure how they determined they were the "top" puns... perhaps they were just the favorite boat names of the list's author, or maybe they were the only boat pictures they could find.

In any event, you've seen many of these names before, and some are not safe for work, but here are the first five:

1. Campbell's Sloop (written in font of the soup can)
2. Baits Motel
3. Aqua Holic
4. Eggs-ta-Sea (written in font of Egg Harbor)
5. My Dixie Wrecked

Some of these are pretty bad, but we must warn you. They get worse before they get better.

6. Master Baiter
7. Devocean
8. Sin or Swim
9. Cirhosis of the River
10. Shameless Hooker

If you're reading the list along with us, do any of these names sound like something you would actually put on your boat? Personally, only "DEVOCEAN" works for us so far. The next 5 are a little better as a group and 6 through 10... at least 13 (Marlin Monroe) and 15 are cute, and we've seen "Yeah Buoy" on several orders that have come through our boat name gear store and our vinyl lettering site.

11. Purrswaysion
12. Playbuoy
13. Marlin Monroe
14. Yeah Buoy
15. Rig-A-Tony

Of the next 5, I'd only recommend Vitamin Sea, though it is quite common, and About Time which is okay.

16. Taco the Town
17. Vitamin Sea
18. Amy's Wine House
19. Aboat Time
20. Lazy G-Diver

Of the final five, I like the two with the word "Ship" in them. In fact, 25 is probably my favorite in the entire list, though our favorite from among our BoatNameGear customers (pictured) wasn't on the list. What's yours?

21. Prawnto
22. Wasted Seamen
23. Piece of Ship
24. Row vs. Wade
25. Ship Happens

Boat Name for a Young Retiree

We recently received the following message (below pic) from someone trying to name their new yacht. Can you help?

Michigan state grad, both my wife and I.

Entrapaneuer and a hard worker.  Business is lending.

My wife and I just moved to st croix in the virgin islands and we are living our retirement dreams 30 years earlier than thought.

Buying a 50' cranchi mediterranee 2003
Feeling creative? Think you can help? Please post your boat name ideas below.

Boat Names in Afghanistan

There's a big story in this brief message. Now help summarize it in a boat name.
Here's the message:
went to afghanistan and made a ton of money as a paramedic and now i need a boat name that would reflect that journey. my boat is a four winns horizon 240

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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