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Formula for a Boat Name

Received the following message a few weeks ago, lost it, then found it again.

Can you help the owner of this Formula find a great boat name? Here's their email and picture of their actual boat:
Owner of 2nd "330 SS Formula"

First one named "Day Dream". Both are white with blue trim.
Retired Manager/Engineer.
Wife Ruth and I use the boat in South Florida for cruising and rendezvous.
Also we are continuously entertaining our guests in Florida in winter.
Have considered:

1. Happy Ours
2. Ruthie "Oh"
3. Jim Dandy ( former CB handle)
4. Happy Hoosier (Born and live in Indiana in summer)
5. Dandy


Editor said...

Maybe it's because March Madness is around the corner, but I love the name Happy Hoosier, especially based on your experience.

Makes for a great conversation piece while the boat is in Florida, too!

J. Fernandez said...

I like Happy Ours. I've always liked puns for boat names. If I had a boat like that, I'd call her Plain Vanilla, but since I'll likely never have have one, you're welcome to the name if you like it! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Formula for Success

Anonymous said...

It's a Formula I'd call it "Over-Spent" LOL

Editor said...

We linked to this story on Facebook and Twitter and got the following responses:


Day Dream II

Formula for Fun

Above were from the BoatNameGear page on FaceBook

Formula ting a Dream!

Hoosier Dandy

Hoosier Daddy?


Those were from the Formula boats page on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Day Dream II

Anonymous said...


Reg Spencer said...

Nice boat!! how about AFFECTIONATLY HOURS

Anonymous said...

I like the Hoosier Daddy too, or the Happy Hoosiers. Not Happy Ours--too common. Dandy is unusual, easy to say, and works at different levels of meaning.

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