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Boat Name for Susie Q

A girl named Sue sent us this message last month looking for help naming her boat. Whaddaya got? Our ideas are below...
Use Susan or Sue in name
Boat is a Provincial sportsfisherman moored at Galloway Creek, Chesapeake Bay
Like to fish for rockfish and crab
Not Sue's Boat, but a similar one. Photo courtesy

Sue may not like to be called "Susie Q", but the following pictures may spark some ideas:

Susie Q - a Sailboat for Sale in Mystic CT 2010
Another Susie Q - a shirt from


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sassy Sue

Anonymous said...

Lazy Susan?

Freyja said...

Crabby Sue

Anonymous said...

Sue's Offshore Account

Anonymous said...

Galloway Sue

Boat Wax said...

Sue and Sand? This is assuming she wants to name it after herself, of course. She may want other names too. :)

Mike said...

Name it the "So Sue Me"

Bos'n Bill Gills said...

Lazy Susan

Anonymous said...

Sue's Got Crabs

Anonymous said...

Sue's Got Crabs
Sue Caught Crabs

Anonymous said...

Snoozin Susan

jayna said...

Susan's 4 Cruisin'

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