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Colourful Boat Name Ideas Needed

Received this message a few weeks ago from someone looking for help to name their boat. From the spelling of the word "colour" I'm guessing this person is from outside the US.

Please read his message and post your boat name suggestions below:
my first own boat.
was my dream to have my own boat one day.
went throug a bit of a struggle to get it.
used nearly all of my savings to get it.
white in colour with 1/2 cabine.
90 horse power mercury motor.

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Simply become a  fan of BoatNameGear on FaceBook, and tell us what wild or outrageous item you would put your boat name on.

Answers have ranged from "golf balls" to "cookies" to "my spouse". Sorry folks, we can't deliver on that last one.

The contest ends at noon EST on Wednesday, January 27th, so check it out soon!

If you already missed it, don't despair... become a fan and stay tuned for our next contest.

Be the Boat Name

Got this email a few weeks ago, and haven't come up with anything. If you can come up with any boat names here, please post them below.

Here's their message requesting help with a new boat name:
About to purchase four winns 23ft motor cruiser black & white.
Need a name using our names Lyn & Michael.
Maybe u can suggest some options please.



Need a Good Ol Boat Name

We recently received the following request for help from a family trying to name their new powerboat. Please post your boat name ideas below their message.

Here is their email message:
We recently purchased our first boat and are trying to come up with a name.
We have 2 kids and want to enjoy the boating experience with our family.

Because of our last name I had thought about using Ol' something, or something to do with family fun.

It is actually a toy for my husband as he has wanted a boat for sometime.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Your boat name picture wanted

What's your boat name? How did you come up with it?

We'd love to see a picture of your boat lettering - so we created a new FLICKR group to allow you to share your boat name with folks who will appreciate your creativity and wit.

Please add your boat name to the group here:

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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