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British Doctor, Chinese Boat

I think you're going to like this particular boat name request, as it has a pic and is filled with details to use to help name the boat. I love the last line. Here's the message we received:

Just getting a catamaran like the one in the picture, it's built in China.

We live and sail in SW Britain (out of Cardiff).

Have wife (chiropractor) and small son.

Am a doctor.

Not bothered which of these details features in the name.


Anonymous said...

I always like "Knot On Call" for a doctor's boat name with a nautical twist.

david said...

hi david from looking for a chinese cat?or a chinese meal that can be twisted to sound like a catamaran name !

david said...

hi david again.......catatonic?

Anonymous said...

Call your cat "CAT SASS"

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