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Boat Name of the Day: the Essex

We chose the "Essex" because today is the anniversary of her sinking after being attacked by a ticked off sperm whale in 1820, inspiring Moby-Dick (which inspired our choice for today's boat name as well as the Daily Boater's Sea Song of the Week.)

Previous Boat Names of the Day this week, mostly inspired by customers of BoatNameGear, were:
  • Thursday: Knot a Clue
  • Wednesday: Mestre Belo
  • Tuesday: Indulgence
  • Monday: BRANDI

Boat Name for a Fanatic

Recently received this message from someone who wants help naming their powerboat. Hmmm. Any ideas?
i have boy and girl named anthony, chrissy.

i am a fanantic the way that i keep my boats ( i really take care of it) and im a all or nothing kind of guy.

good luck!!!

Protect Your Boat with Personalized Fender Covers

Just came across a good article on DIY-Boat Owner magazine about protecting your boat - they give useful advice for avoiding hull damage caused by your uncovered fenders, especially during the winter.

The solution, says the article, is to get or make cloth fender covers.

Left uncovered, your fenders can wear away at the finish on your hull over time. As the fenders age, especially in salt water, their surfaces become rough and will scratch your hull.

BoatNameGear has the solution to protect your boat with our washable, soft cloth fender covers. These fender covers cost only a fraction of the price of the actual fenders, and include your boat name embroidered on them for no additional cost.

Check the size of your fenders and then visit BoatNameGear to order your custom fender covers now.

Those Nauti Boat Names

Friday’s boat name of the day is Nauti Buoy, which is also a contest entry in the Vote the Boat contest at the FirstBoat page on FaceBook ( )

Previous Boat Names of the Day this week:

  • Thursday: Jealous Much?, The boat in the new Courtney Cox show Cougar Town. Supposedly. Haven't actually seen it yet.

  • Wednesday: Corporate Office, the name of a 42' 2005 Ocean Alexander for sale by Merritt Yachts

  • Tuesday: Waste Knot, the boat name of a customer who is the owner of a waste management company.

  • Monday: Knight Time, the boat name of another BoatNameGear customer, and also the name of a classic superhero cartoon in which Superman impersonates Batman to protect the city of Gotham. Check it out on our Daily Boater YouTube channel.

  • Want to make your boat name the “Boat Name of the Day”? Send us a picture of your boat or product from BoatNameGear and you’ll be featured. It’s pretty simple.

    British Doctor, Chinese Boat

    I think you're going to like this particular boat name request, as it has a pic and is filled with details to use to help name the boat. I love the last line. Here's the message we received:

    Just getting a catamaran like the one in the picture, it's built in China.

    We live and sail in SW Britain (out of Cardiff).

    Have wife (chiropractor) and small son.

    Am a doctor.

    Not bothered which of these details features in the name.

    Suggest some boat names and WIN!

    How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

    How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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