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When Pigs Fly

Friday’s Boat Name of the Day is "Flying Pig", which is the name of a 46-foot sailboat that was reported missing a couple of days ago en route from Lake Worth, FL, to the Bahamas. The AP reports that when the so-called missing boaters overheard a marine broadcast of their being lost, they called the coast guard on the radio to let them know they were safely anchored near Abaco Island in the Bahamas.

Previous boat names of the day this week included:

Thursday:  "The Good Fight", via a Customer of BoatNameGear, but the products were purchased as a gift, so we can’t tell you where the boat hails from or what products they had us stitch the boat name on ;-)

Wednesday’s cool boat name of the day was Arctic Autumn, spotted in Alaska. There's more to the story, and great pictures, here.

Tuesday’s boat name was "Knot 4 Sail" from a customer of in VA (the boat is in Virginia, not BoatNameGear.)

Monday’s boat name was SEA NOTES, suggested via twitterer @estikna – the name is on a boat in NJ and refers to big money, benjamins, $100-bills… as in C-Notes.

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Anonymous said...

My boat is Goin' CATchin' Which is a playing a words for the boat is a power Catamaran hence the CAT instead of the usual fishing and we are ever hopeful to be catching instead of just fishing.

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