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Topping Names Like Elias and Pelagic

Came across a wonderful blog this morning in our relentless search for boat names and the stories behind them. Once in a Lifetime is a firsthand account of a family's voyage from Alaska to Australia - and beyond - aboard their Crealock 37, named Pelagic.

First of all, I had to google the word "pelagic" to learn that, appropriately, it comes from the Greek πέλαγος or pélagos, which means open sea.

Second, it turns out that a post on the family's blog from this past week is more than just a discussion about boat names. The news is not in that the family is trading up to a bigger boat, but in the reason why they need a bigger boat.

Congratulations to Mike, Alisa and Elias on their really big news from the crew of the Boat Name Blog.

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