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Italian-American Boat Names

Received this message last week from Boston. Lots to work with, including a picture, career, cultural heritage, family. Can you help him name his really nice boat??? Please add comments below.
Bought '09 luhrs convertibel 35' w/Zeus pod drive. Have wife Claudia and two daughters - Siena and Carina.

We have long family history in Italy - I am first generation Itlo-American, have spent a lot of time in Italy. My home town in Italy is Fontana Liri - have spent time on the Amalfi Coast.

I work in the investment business. We live up currently in the Boston, MA area. I like sports and am a classic type A personality.


Anonymous said...

Ok, this may be dumb, but how about a combination of the first part of your daughters' names:

"Sie Car" as in "Sea Car"

Or, perhaps a reference to your hometown in Italy:
Di Fontana or Di Liri (doesn't "Di" mean from or of?)

Anonymous said...

Ummm... what about your wife's interests/job? Is this YOUR boat or a family boat? Is she Italian too? Dolce Vita is predictable but lovely.

david said...

hi guys........well i also do luhrs in about ''ALHURING'' david

Anonymous said...

"Molto Liri", play on lire......

Anonymous said...

Life Flow Flusso di vita

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